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Here at Rockaway, we recognise the importance of mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the difficulty some people experience accessing the help they need. This page highlights what we're offering to help people feel good in mind and body, which will continue to develop and grow!

Wellbeing montage featuring coloured photographs of yoga, art therapy, massage and essential oils.

Free Mental Health Advice Sessions

We're delighted to be working with the team at Normal Magic Mental Health Services,

who bring their knowledge to Rockaway Park at our Sunday Sessions each month.


Sarah Lewis & Tracey Calvert from Normal Magic

Sarah Lewis and Tracey Calvert of Normal Magic's mental health support service

Sarah is a Mental Health Nurse with 20 years experience working with children, young people and adults. Sarah and the Normal Magic team respond to individuals seeking knowledge, information, advice or inspiration to improve their worlds. Normal Magic was designed to help individuals balance their wellbeing and protect their mental health. 

Sarah explains: “We all get stuck in cycles of being. It sometimes takes getting stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, acting, interacting, loving or living before we realise something inside us needs some help to settle or change. Normal Magic is designed as a Single Session Approach, meaning you can drop in, chat about your thing, explore your aim, maybe hear about some science behind your thing and together consider what your next steps might be.


We hold no-one in judgement. We all make our own free choices to live the life we choose, to be the human beings we choose to be. Normal Magic is simply here to shine a light on improving ways of healthier living and healthier loving, in ways that work for you.”

Sarah & Tracey will next be at Rockaway Park on Sunday 14th July, 11am - 4pm.


They will be joined by Dan, our new friendly Rockaway social worker and bargee. So, if you're worried about the safety of someone you care about, or you're looking for some free advice on how to access family support, Dan is your man.

We're excited that this wonderful trio are available to offer you support and advice - free, anonymous and off grid!


Free Family Sensory Workshops

A montage of the Normal Magic free family mental health workshops, which involves healing through play and exploring all the senses

Sarah and Tracey also offer free sensory workshops for children and their parents/guardians/carers at our Sunday Sessions, in the Rockaway classroom at 2pm. Fun and inspirational, the workshops explore how we can use our senses to balance our emotional wellbeing and protect our mental health.


For all the details about the next workshop, keep an eye on Our Events page.

Art Therapy Sessions

Art therapy montage featuring colour photographs of Sally Carini in the centre of artist materials and painting with hands and brushes.

We're now offering low-cost Art Therapy Sessions at Rockaway! You can either join our Art Therapy Group or sign up for one to one sessions with qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, Sally Carini. With a degree in Religions, Philosophy and Ethics, and over 20 years counselling experience, Sally specialises in providing support to people with anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship difficulties, PTSD, or drug and alcohol addiction.  


Sally says: “I’m very much person centred. My starting point for both individual and group therapy is always self image. I find this is the best springboard for resolving deeper issues. But my sessions are not only designed to help people with difficulties, they're also great for people who are looking for relaxation or a way of de-stressing.'


If you'd like to sign up for a session, Sally is available on the following days and times:

Art Therapy - Group Sessions

Sally holds 2-hour group sessions on Wednesdays & Thursdays 1pm - 3pm.

She also holds group sessions on Saturday mornings each month, so keep an eye out here and through the newsletter for dates and times. 

Art Therapy - One to One Sessions

Sally offers 60-minute one to one art therapy sessions (subject to availability) in the Rockaway Therapy Room: 

Wednesdays 10am - 12pm and 3pm - 4pm

Thursdays 10am - 12pm and 3pm - 4pm


All Sally's art therapy sessions are paid for by donation with a minimum donation of £10.

Massage Therapy & Body Work

Massage therapy montage featuring colour photographs of Lindsay against a tree, plus pictures of different massage techniques for the head and body.

The wonderful Lindsay Hughes is a fully qualified and registered solution-focused hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and massage therapist. She has many years of experience in supporting people to make changes and regain control of their lives, whether through physical therapy or talking therapy.


She holds hypnotherapy and massage therapy sessions at Rockaway on Mondays, but is flexible with regards to other days, if needed. Lindsay’s creative and client-centred approach means that your treatment is specifically developed together, which is suited to your individual needs and requirements.

Lindsay's Hypnotherapy Sessions

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is a combination of Solution-Focused Psychotherapy and relaxing hypnosis. Lindsay will work with you to look at what you want to achieve (the solution) rather than what prompted you to visit her (the problem). Your sessions will enable you to take control, in a positive and rational way, of how you think about, and respond to, situations in your daily life. Together, you will break your unwanted habits of negative thought patterns and behaviours that affect your ability to be happy, cope well and fully enjoy life.


Harnessing modern neuroscience, solution-focused therapy and proven hypnosis techniques will enable you to make positive changes that last. Here are some of the things that Lindsay’s therapy can help with:



Panic Attacks


Weight Management

Stopping Smoking

Confidence and low self-esteem


Weight-related issues

Sleep issues

Perception of pain

Fear of flying

Public speaking

Sports performance

Exam nerves

Anger management


Your initial consultation for hypnotherapy is free of charge and will last approximately 30 minutes. During the session, you will discuss what you would like to achieve and how hypnotherapy can help you. This is also a chance for you to see whether the therapy is right for you. You will receive a free guided relaxation mp3 to listen to between sessions, which can be delivered online if you prefer. Here’s a short video highlighting how it works:

Following your free consultation, subsequent sessions are £60 per hour. Lindsay also offers a small number of discounted sessions if you’re a student or on low income.

Lindsay's Holistic Massage Sessions

Holistic Massage is highly relaxing and based on Swedish massage techniques, with additional focus applied to any ‘knots.’ This helps to disperse any tightness in an area and encourage more localised blood flow into the muscle. The benefits are:


- Increased blood supply and circulation to the local area as the tissue is warmed up.

- Reduced muscle tension, muscle tightness and muscle spasm.

- Increased lymphatic flow and elimination of waste materials and toxins.

- Reduced swelling (oedema).

- Massage lowers blood pressure, promotes sleep and reduces any anxieties or stress.

- Massage also brings the body back to homeostasis (balance).

- Massage is great for relaxation. It promotes well-being and elevates mood.

Lindsay's Deep Tissue Massage Sessions

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on reaching the deeper layers of muscles and tissue, and is especially beneficial for tense areas. This method of massage is designed to release those deep, painful muscle knots and restore muscle elasticity. It can also help to relieve many day-to-day problems like a bad back, sprains, tension, postural issues, fatigue, lower back tightness, and repetitive strain injuries. Benefits include:


Releases tension headache

Stress relief

Alleviates sciatica pain

Dance & sports injuries

Chronic & acute pain

Repetitive strains

Breaks up scar tissue

Reduces risk of injury

Improves flexibility

Alleviates back & neck pain

Releases muscle & joint tension or spasm

Improves posture and body awareness

Lindsay's Remedial Massage Sessions

Remedial massage is one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat muscle injuries, pain and soreness. Lindsay uses skilled manipulation combined with in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to bring about pain relief; correcting and normalising the body’s muscles and soft tissues.

What to expect with your massage

An initial treatment begins with a confidential consultation where you will discuss what you would like from your massage. You will also discuss how you use your body, as well as your medical history and lifestyle. The Rockaway therapy room is a warm and relaxing space, allowing you to rest and repair. There is no massage routine. Lindsay is solely led by where your body needs attention. After the massage, you will briefly discuss any aftercare exercises.

Treatments cost £50 per session and can either last for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Your first treatment includes a free consultation.

Treatments can be short-term or long-term.

A block booking of 6 weeks will be discounted.

If there is easy access for a portable massage couch, home visits are available,

if you are unable to visit Rockaway.

At your request, Lindsay can combine treatments - for example massage with ear acupuncture.

Gift vouchers are available for all treatments.

24 hours' notice is essential for any cancellation, otherwise the fee must be paid in full.

To contact Lindsay and arrange for a consultation please use the button below:

For more in-depth information about each treatment, you can also visit Lindsay's website by clicking on the image below:​

Lindsay Hughes' hypnotherapy and massage website quick link

Yoga with Mad

Yoga montage of colour photographs featuring Maddie in different yoga poses.

The lovely Maddie has been teaching yoga at Rockaway for a number of years and she's brilliant! Here's just a few comments on her practice:

'Mad finds the perfect balance between exploring the body's strength and ability whilst gently and mindfully approaching movement. I've attended Mad's classes for a few years now and as a result I've gained a whole new love and appreciation for yoga.'

'I love doing Maddie’s yoga classes, they bring me so much joy every week! The best thing for me is the creativity and variety of each class.'

Maddie loves teaching at Rockaway:

'Inspiring spaces that make everyone welcome, allowing people to show up and be themselves; spaces that feel like home - that's what Marta & Mark's kitchen feels like when we're flowing and breathing, letting go and holding space for each other. We're lucky to call it our shala every Tuesday evening!'

She also hosts the popular Yoga + Roast Club during our Sunday Sessions,

plus the seasonal Yoga, Art & Lunch Club!

Yoga Classes at Rockaway

Tuesdays 6.45 - 8pm

Maddie's yoga classes in the Rockaway house pictures

You can either book a place for the in person class at Rockaway, in the Main House Kitchen, or you can join the class from your own space via Zoom.

Simply click on your choice of option below to book.



Maddie's Yoga Taster Videos

To give you a taster of Maddie's approach, as well as the content she offers her members,

check out the video below! 

Mad Membership

Maddie also has a monthly membership scheme, where you’ll receive a catch up email plus updates on new content you can enjoy via the members only page on her website! ​


Monthly content includes:

- Access to three virtual classes a week

- Meditation and breathing practice recordings

- Playlists to flow and chill to

- All power flow and midweek magic class recordings 

- 'Mad flow' classes designed just for you

- Blog posts exploring philosophy and anatomy 

Plus discounts on two of her in-person classes, as well as a discount to her Yoga + Roast Club.  

To sign up, you can visit her website via the link below:

Beginners Yoga - Online Course

Montage of images illustrating Maddie's online yoga course with her assuming various positions.

Do you want to get into yoga but don't know where to start? Then Maddie's course is for you! Designed to help beginners find confidence with breath work and yoga poses, Maddie invites you to dip into some amazing meditation practices.

This six-part course will allow you to explore lots of areas of yoga, encouraging you to get into a regular practice that works for you. With easy to follow videos and a supporting worksheet with additional information, the course covers the following:

Session 1: Breath & Basics

An introduction to the 3 key elements of yoga - Breath, Movement, Chill.

Session 2: Poses & Peacefinding

An exploration of classic poses that can be sewn together to eventually create a flow.

Session 3: Serene Stillness

Finding stillness in body and mind.

Session 4: Mindful Movement

An introduction to flow and the sun salutation.

Session 5: Flowing Freely 

Going with the flow and listening to what your body is asking for.

Session 6: Yoga For When You're Tired

Slowing down and gentle stretches.

Cost for all six sessions is £50. 

To sign up and get started on your yoga practice, just click below:


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"

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