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Do you want to get into yoga but don't know where to start? Then Maddie's course is for you! Designed to help beginners find confidence with breath work and yoga poses, Maddie invites you to dip into some amazing meditation practices.


This six-part course will allow you to explore lots of areas of yoga, encouraging you to get into a regular practice that works for you. With easy to follow videos and a supporting worksheet with additional information, the course covers the following:


Session 1: Breath & Basics

An introduction to the 3 key elements of yoga - Breath, Movement, Chill

Session 2: Poses & Peacefinding

An exploration of classic poses that can be sewn together to eventually create a flow

Session 3: Serene Stillness

Finding stillness in body and mind

Session 4: Mindful Movement

An introduction to flow and the sun salutation

Session 5: Flowing Freely

Going with the flow and listening to what your body is asking for

Session 6: Yoga For When You're Tired

Slowing down and gentle stretches




Beginners Yoga Course

  • This course is delivered through a workbook, with information and active links to six session videos. The workbook is a PDF file, which can be opened on multiple devices, so please be aware of the format before purchasing. If you have any problems opening the workbook, or would like to undertake the course through a browser link instead, please contact Thank you.

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