Here is some extra helpful information for you and us on how find/contact us at Rockaway Park.

Rockaway Park believes that if we are to make a difference in our world it really is down to each of us to make a personal effort! Please car share or take public transport to visit Rockaway Park.

We don't have specific opening times, but we are generally available for visits during normal working hours from Monday-Friday and most weekends. Please check our CALENDAR  for all upcoming events.




There is parking at Rockaway in a large field. Parking is free on non event days.

Parking is charged during events. We will be charging £5 per day/per car to park here so please car share to split the costs and save space in the field. PLEASE BRING CASH! If you are not prepared to pay for parking, please park in a public parking area nearby and walk to Rockaway. Please do not upset our neighbours by parking on the road by the Rockaway Park entrance! Disabled parking is free.

 Eastcourt Road BS39 5BU
Temple Cloud, UK


TEMPLE CARS TAXI - 07831858765

SOMERSET TAXIS - 01761411234

UBER - This transport option is considerably cheaper and costs from about £14 from Bristol Centre.



Can you please make every effort to arrive here by public transport. The 376 bus stops at the end of our road, at CAMELY ROAD SURGERY (Temple Cloud). This bus comes from Bristol, Wells, Glastonbury and many other locations. You can find the full bus timetable here:



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