Nature-Based Curriculum & Democratic Ethos

 Our School of Curiosity runs for two full days per week at Rockaway Park (Mondays & Tuesdays), offering inspiration and opportunities for children to explore in the classroom, the community garden, the nearby woods and quarry, plus the on-site workshops and spaces, where the expertise of musicians, performers, artists & craftspeople can be drawn upon. 


Our school is an example of what Rockaway does best - doing traditional things in alternative ways and passing on valuable skills in ethical practice and sustainability, which will equip children

with the skills they will need in the future.


For a preview of what children experience, take a look at this trailer on our YouTube channel.


Led by our amazing teacher, Angela Hill (BA Hons, PGCE, MA) founder of Curiositree – Forest School of Arts & Science, the school's ethos is that creativity, collaboration and kindness are central to grow and learn. Our School of Curiosity focuses on developing a lifelong pleasure in learning, whether solving problems, expressing ourselves, functioning in collaboration with others or making ethical or practical decisions.


We see and hear all our pupils, ensuring that they're able to develop their interests and skills, build their confidence and become resilient, happy individuals. 

For children aged 8 - 12, and with any educational or special need catered for.

Costs are on a sliding scale depending on income to make it as affordable as possible.

To register your child or to contact Angela to discuss your child's interests and needs, please click below. 



10th & 11th January
17th & 18th January
24th & 25th January
31st & 1st February
7th & 8th February
14th & 15th February

28th February & 1st March
7th & 8th March
14th & 15th March
21st & 22nd March
28th & 29th March
4th & 5th April


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"