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We have a variety of versatile venues that can be hired for rehearsals, therapy sessions, 

team away days, filming or events.

Below are all the details about what we can offer.

Rockaway Earth Studio For Hire

Music Studio, Rehearsal Space & Sonic Retreat

Montage of new photographs of the refurbished rehearsal studio with full drum kit, PA, electric guitars, amps, cabs, new flooring, new lighting and cleared control room.

Grounded in Sound With Community at the Core

We have a music rehearsal studio, kitted out with a PA, drum kit, amps and cabs (BYO breakables) which is available for hire. Hours and access are flexible, with additional equipment for hire on request, or you can bring your own.

The Earth studio is developing all the time and this is just the beginning...

If you'd like more info, or want to book a rehearsal, then check out the new Earth website below.   

Team Away Days At Rockaway

A montage of pictures featuring team away day possibilities like screen printing workshops, vegan cafe food and other activities on the terrace, classroom and studios

We're regularly approached about hosting team away days and staff training at Rockaway. It's a chance to get out of the office or working environment and visit somewhere unique for a fresh perspective.


Our spaces, such as the classroom, terrace, main shed or garden, are versatile and can accommodate the set-up you require. The Vegan Cafe can provide a delicious vegan lunch plus refreshments throughout the day.

We can also arrange for teams to have a go at creative activities, like ethical screen-printing, graffiti art or glass fusing.


If you're interested in holding a team event, like an away day, at Rockaway, please get in touch via the button below.

Therapy Room For Hire

A montage of pictures featuring Rockaway's therapy room

Rockaway has a kitted-out therapy room, including a sink, situated at the back of the main house, with its own separate access, wi-fi and designated free parking space. The room is often used for one-to-one therapy sessions. However, like all our spaces, it’s versatile, so it can be used for mediating, massages, physiotherapy, aromatherapy/herbalist sessions, writing, sewing, tattooing, meetings, or just working on a laptop when you need to be free from all the noise and distractions of modern life…


The therapy room is available to hire:

£10 per hour, or £50 a day


If you’d like to book it, then please get in touch below.

Filming At Rockaway Park

Rockaway has been used as a location to film music videos, documentaries and training videos, so the possibilities for filming here are pretty varied. Below is just a small selection of the music videos that have been filmed here to give you a taste of the flexibility our spaces can provide for filming projects.

The Hawkmen - 'Characteristic'

Culture Shock - 'Mandemic'

The Heartless - 'All The King's Horses'

The Mob - 'Rise Up!'

Palooka 5- 'Hubba Bubba Boogaloo'

Culture Shock - 'Penny for the Guy'

If you would like to discuss using Rockaway Park for a film project,

then please contact us via the button below.

Our Venue Hire Policy For Events

A montage of pictures featuring Rockaway's different spaces for hire and the possibilities for filming and events - the yard, main shed, Chapel of Unrest and terrace

Rockaway Park is committed to community engagement through the sharing of skills, knowledge and experiences that benefits others, irrespective of income or situation. Our spaces are available to hire for events, but we aren’t a typical venue hire company! We could probably do weddings, or put on gigs and markets every weekend - and we're not against any of these - but as you may already be aware, we’re always looking for alternative ways to do traditional things that are ethical, sustainable and help create a better world.


We try to ensure that everyone we work with has the same commitment to our ethos and values in order to help us succeed in our mission to make radical changes in how humans exist on this planet. This means recycling and reusing wherever we can and utilising green energy, as well as ethical and sustainable practice to support biodiversity, creative output, health and well-being.


We are not a charity, we’re not rich and we're ineligible for most funding streams, so all our event venue hires must be self-sustaining. Any profit we make is ploughed back into helping us develop our community-based projects and spread the message about our mission, as well as help others to think of alternative ways of doing traditional things, creating a ripple effect of positive manifestation.


If you’re interested in using one of our spaces for an event, the first step is to please  download and complete our questionnaire by sharing the ideas you have that will also help us succeed in our mission.

Thank you!


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"

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