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Here at Rockaway Park, we’re committed to engaging with the local community and beyond.

With a wealth of talented craftspeople, artists, makers, musicians and performers - all keen to share their skills and experience in a supportive and inspirational environment - our series of workshops are open to everyone and kept as low in price as we can make them.

For a taster of our workshops, see the short video below.

If you'd like to get in touch to express an interest in past workshops being run again, or you'd like to collaborate with us on a workshop, or you'd like more details about our workshop experiences, please visit our Workshop Archive page by clicking below


Electrics Workshop
Saturday 20th January, 10am - 5pm

£30 unwaged/benefits & £50 employed

Hinch's 20th January flyer and montage.jpg

Do you want to run cables like a pro, get to know all types of plugs and sockets, be able to talk the talk and work out how much power you need? Learn to calculate your consumption (and costs) and get an insight into the fascinating world of outdoor electrics with our old school technician Stefan Hintsches.

Following the success and fantastic feedback from participants on the first two workshops in September and November, Stefan is running it again for everybody who uses electricity as part of their work and wants to get a better understanding of it - no previous experience required.

It was originally designed for crew members of a travelling circus and is aiming to bridge the gap between consumers and providers of electricity, and to enable people from all different backgrounds to:

- Understand basic electrical terminology.

- Make calculations for power consumption.

- Identify commonly used connectors and understand their qualities and limitations.

- Spot frequently occurring faults on them.

- Identify circuit breakers and understand their function.

- Understand the correct rigging and installation of cables and connectors.

- Use basic diagnostic tools.

- Work safely around electricity.

Hinch's Electrics Workshop Montage .jpg

"The workshop is great for absolute beginners, as well as those with a level of site electric knowledge. I really enjoyed the structure of the course and the use of analogies to break down difficult subject material."
Sorelle, Production Manager, Revel Puck Circus


Cost for the workshop is £30 for unwaged/benefits and £50 for employed.


If you'd like to take part, please contact Stefan below to book:

Our Workshop Programme in 2023

Montage of workshops that have taken place at Rockaway - ethical screen-printing, poetry writing, guitar for beginners, junkyard jungle, welding for women, silversmithing and Rockaway kids

2022 was a busy year of workshops at Rockaway - Ethical Screen Printing, It's a Woman's Weld, Silversmithing in Ring & Bangle Making, Rockaway Kids, Guitar for Beginners, Junkyard Jungle, Robot Making & Comic Creation and Poetry Writing, plus some, like the women's welding, were repeated due to high demand.

We've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic practitioners over the year and delighted by the response to everything we've offered with some amazing feedback from participants.

Thanks to each and every one of you for taking part.

Montage of skills - painting, metalwork, woodwork and sewing

We love providing creative and skills-based workshops at Rockaway and want to develop, but realise we need serious funding to deliver a fantastic programme that we can offer as very low cost or free, while also covering staffing time/costs and ensuring our practitioners have everything they need. In the past year, we've held 13 workshops and only managed to cover some of our costs, which meant we lost money each time. So, for now, we need to do things a little differently.


We'd like instead to offer creative practitioners space for hire to deliver their workshops at Rockaway in the classroom, terrace, chapel, main shed, or yard, with electricity and heating provided, if needed. PLUS, we'll promote your workshop through our newsletter, website and social media platforms, which means it will reach a following of over 20,000 people. It will be like any other space hire to deliver a workshop, except Michelle will happily work with you on promotional materials, such as images, info and videos (if you have them) to help with workshop recruitment. 

If you're interested in running a creative workshop at Rockaway with this new approach, then please get in touch below for a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

Workshop Sponsorship 

Just a reminder that if you can afford to sponsor a child, enabling them to attend the Rockaway Kids workshop series, or sponsor an adult so they can attend workshops like the Silver Bangle Making, Bruce's Guitar for Beginners, or A Woman's Weld, all donations are gratefully received.


You will also be helping spread the crucial message that actively supporting each other in these testing times is a way to initiate positive change.

Thank you!


For all the details, visit our Support Us/Donate page.

Accommodation Options

Picture of the Rockaway atrium with an apartment window and bougainvillea
A bedroom in one of the Rockaway Air BnB apartments

If you're travelling from afar for a workshop or visit, don't forget there are on-site accommodation options at Rockaway. To find out more and check availability, head to our Accommodation page!


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"

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