Here at Rockaway Park, we’re committed to engaging with the local community and beyond.

With a wealth of talented craftspeople, artists, makers, musicians and performers - all keen to share their skills and experience in a supportive and inspirational environment - our series of workshops are open to everyone and kept as low in price as we can make them.

For a taster of our workshops, see the short video below.

If you'd like to get in touch to express an interest in past workshops being run again, or you'd like to collaborate with us on a workshop, or you'd like more details about our workshop experiences, please visit our Workshop Archive page by clicking below


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This creative workshop is aimed at children aged between 6 and 13.
Led by expert teacher and artist, Mazy Bartlett, the day will be focused on encouraging kids to work collaboratively, as well as individually, to build a jungle from scrap materials!
From painting foliage to basic structural skeleton techniques, Mazy will be a source of guidance, inspiration and fun all the way.

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A qualified art and design teacher, Mazy has worked for 15 years in Corsham School running The Making Room, whose ethos is learning through making. With years of experience providing engaging creative workshops for children at festivals and other events, Mazy inspires a love of reusing and repurposing scrap materials to create exciting new things.

The end of the workshop is flexible with collections beginning from 3.30pm up until 5pm.
A delicious vegan lunch is included in the price. 

(NB: Mazy is enhanced DBS checked)

Rockaway Kids Workshop

Wednesday 24th August

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This fun creative workshop is aimed at children aged between 8 - 13, and offers an exciting opportunity to learn about the process, inks and tools of manual screen-printing! 


Hosted by Si and Rona, of Carry on Screening, the children will create an A4 sized print design, produced by either using the studio's image bank on prepared screens, or they can create their own design by drawing/tracing directly onto a film.

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Si & Rona will support the children as they experiment, create compositions and print on different paper surfaces. Everything needed for the workshop will be supplied, including a tote bag to print on. We also encourage everyone to bring in old clean t-shirts, cards and paper that can be printed on as well.


A cooking activity will focus on creating a delicious vegan meal at lunchtime. 

(NB: Rona is enhanced DBS checked)

Please Note - Workshop Return & Refund Policy

We understand that circumstances can change once you’ve booked and paid for a workshop. If for some reason you can’t make it, please let us know as soon as possible. We prepare for our workshops in advance by sourcing and prepping materials for the expected number of participants. Therefore, to help us avoid waste, a minimum of 48-hour’s notice is required for a full refund. Thank you.

Workshop Sponsorship 

Just a reminder that if you can afford to sponsor a child, enabling them to attend the Rockaway Kids workshop series, or sponsor an adult so they can attend workshops like the Silver Bangle Making, Bruce's Guitar for Beginners, or A Woman's Weld, all donations are gratefully received.


You will also be helping spread the crucial message that actively supporting each other in these testing times is a way to initiate positive change.

Thank you!


For all the details, visit our Donte/Sponsor page.

Accommodation Options

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If you're travelling from afar for a workshop or visit, don't forget there are on-site accommodation options at Rockaway. To find out more and check availability, head to our Accommodation page!


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