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All our past events can be found here with videos, images and info to give you a taste of the variety and what we're aiming to achieve with our extensive events programme.

For more info about past events, please click on the relevant gallery image. 

Rockaway's Live-Streamed Events

At Rockaway we want to reach out and engage with as many people as possible around the world by sharing live music, community events, workshops, courses, classes, symposiums and anything else we can think of! It's also a fantastic way to spread our message of ethical and sustainable creative practice, encouraging others to help make a difference.

We also aim to provide real-world training and experience in live-streaming events by working with, and mentoring, young people, helping to support a new generation of DIY camera operators, riggers and mixers. Plus, we'd like to donate any profits from our live-streams to charitable causes that save lives, support mental health and help build a better world. So, watch this section grow as our live-stream project gains momentum!

Subhumans, Autonomads & The Human Error

Thursday 22nd September, 2022

Trailer for this live-streamed gig featuring Mark from Rockaway & Dick Lucas

Dick Lucas of the Subhumans performing at Rockaway
The Autonomads performing at Rockaway

Recording of this live-streamed gig,
22nd September, 2022

The Human Error performing at Rockaway
The Subhumans performing at Rockaway

Boom Boom Raccoon, Steve Lake, Fidget & the Twitchers

Thursday 12th May, 2022

Trailer for this live-streamed gig featuring Boom Boom Raccoon

Rockaway yard and fire pit at night for the Days N Daze gig
Steve Lake performing at Rockaway

Recording of this live-streamed gig,
12th May, 2022

Boom Boom Raccoon performing at Rockaway
Fidget & the Twitchers performing at Rockaway

Steve Ignorant Band, Ray Mighty, The Migraines

Saturday 9th April, 2022

Test video announcing our first live-stream of this gig, 29th March, 2022

The Migraines performing at Rockaway
Steve Ignorant performing at Rockaway

Recording of our first live-streamed gig,
9th April, 2022

Carol Hodge performing at Rockaway
A view from the sound desk of the Steve Ignorant band performing at Rockaway

Rockaway's Live-Streamed Pre-Recorded Gigs

Culture Shock, RDF, Atterkop

3rd October, 2020

Culture Shock, The Blunders, Dub The Earth

31st July, 2021

With COVID restrictions still in place in September 2020, Rockaway had to consider new ways to reach out and connect with people. Working with DIY Punk YouTube Channel, Bluurg TV, three bands were filmed doing a set with a small crew as an audience - Atterkop, Radical Dance Faction (RDF) and Culture Shock. Along with a set of songs from DIY bands, plus multi-layered visuals from DJ Mike, a movie of this 'live' gig was created then live-streamed.


Over 2,000 people tuned in from the UK, USA, Canada, Iceland, Spain, Germany, France, Japan & Ireland. Live chat throughout the event brought people together, creating an atmosphere that was as close to being at an actual gig as you can get!


We were also struck by the fact that lots of people are frequently unable to attend gigs, either because of location or personal circumstances, and live streaming is a great way to cater to so many more people around the world! A fundraiser was set up for donations to pay the bands, as well as all the crew, who made the event possible. Thanks to people’s generosity, we reached our target and were able to support the bands and crew in these challenging times for live music.

In April & May 2021, we recorded another three sets of Culture Shock, The Blunders & Dub The Earth to create a second movie of a 'live' gig with more DJ action and visuals from DJ Mike. The same positive reaction in bringing people together followed and the idea of live-streaming events, in real time, direct from Rockaway, was born!

Rockaway's Events Archive


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