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Like everything else, our events are unique, and here is where you'll find all the info, as well as any booking links. If you're a band or performer who would like to play at Rockaway, check out the Performing at Rockaway Park section at the bottom of the page.

For a taster of our events, here's a couple of short videos to give you an idea.

Somerset Arts Week Launch & Gig

Sunday Market, Music & Vegan Roast

Parking at Rockaway for Events

Parking at Rockaway for events image

Please be aware that when it's been raining heavily, the parking field at Rockaway can become water-logged. This means we will only have parking available on site for disabled visitors. When the field is unusable, we'll issue any important updates to online ticket holders via email, as well as update this page and our social media channels.

For all our events, ticketed or free, we'd like everyone to try and do their bit for the environment by using public transport, taking a taxi, or car sharing wherever possible. If you'd like a little exercise, you can also park in the nearby village of Temple Cloud and walk to Rockaway, but please


It's too narrow and we need to have emergency vehicle access at all times.

The 376 bus stops at the end of our road, at Cameley Road Surgery (Temple Cloud).

This bus comes from Bristol, Wells, Glastonbury and many other locations. You can find the full bus timetable below, and thank you for planning your journey to Rockaway.

We really appreciate it.

A handy PDF map with the best route to reach us by car, plus a map of the 5-minute walk from Temple Cloud village to Rockaway across the field, can be downloaded below.


June Sunday Session
June Sunday Session Flyer -2.jpg

We have another live music treat for our Father's Day Sunday Session with amazing singer/songwriter Moe McLaughlin! One person and their guitar…Moe’s unique music speaks of their anger towards the current system, whilst being wistfully jovial. The world can be terrible, but in shared reflection let's ponder the evils around us and laugh.

Moe McLaughlin montage.jpg

Covering topics from calling out the lies and hypocrisy in the political system, to mental health and self-esteem struggles, Moe’s songs are a middle finger to society’s expectations of humans in this day and age.

You can also enjoy the usual magical Sunday Session ingredients - delicious vegan Sunday roasts, open studios, an arts market of local artists, crafters, makers and recyclers, plus the wonderful Sarah Lewis and Tracey Calvert of Normal Magic offering free mental health advice. Dan, our friendly Rockaway social worker and bargee, is offering free advice on how to access family support if you're worried about the safety of someone you care about - all anonymous and off grid! 

The Vegan Café team will be serving Shepherd's Pie, Seitan Steak in Beurre Blanc Sauce, Wellington and our classic Nut Roast. Plus, there's a selection of mouthwatering home-made cakes and savoury snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks.

Sunday Session roast montage.jpg

Remember, you'll need to book your Sunday roast in advance to help us avoid food waste. So, simply visit the Vegan Café below for all the details, including time slots.

This family-friendly event is free to attend, with a £5 fee for each vehicle if the Parking Field is operational. Keep an eye out for updates about parking nearer the time.


Any donations you're able to make in one of our donation buckets in the Rockaway yard - from spare change or a couple of quid to more - will help us continue providing live music at our Sunday Sessions, and is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Selenite songs tour flyer featuring a blended pink and purple palette with pencil drawings of singer-songwriters Carol Hodge and Julia Othmer, along with details of their songwriting workshop and performance at the Rockaway Sunday Session.

We’re thrilled that piano-playing, singing song crafters Carol Hodge and Julia Othmer are joining us for this special July Sunday Session. Across the Atlantic Ocean - from the unlikely locations of Huddersfield in Yorkshire and Kansas City, USA - Carol and Julia have struck up a pen pal relationship of songs, bringing light to what divides and unites us, geographically, politically and personally. Having met on tour in 2018 supporting Welsh legends The Alarm, the pair quickly bonded over their shared love of all things heart-centred and magical. 


The Selenite Songs Project sees these two powerful women joining forces once again to reflect light and create connection. Since December 2023, Carol and Julia have challenged themselves to write a song on the first new moon of each month with the following strict rules:

  • Write in response to a songwriting prompt, inspired by the artists and their supporters on social media

  • Spend a maximum of 2 hours writing the song

  • The resulting recordings must only be piano, voice, and found sounds

The Selenite Songs tour features songs written during this six-month project, as well as conversation about the process and story behind each one, creating a magically unique experience! 

Montage of striking photographs featuring Carol Hodge and Julia Othmer performing at carious gigs.

Songwriting Workshop, 12.30pm £10

Carol and Julia are also holding a fantastic songwriting workshop before their performance at the Sunday Session!


With over 40 combined years of songwriting and performance between them, they've got ample experience of songwriting, performance, collaboration and creativity to share. Carol and Julia will open their tool kit of artistic approaches to unlock creative potential, including strategies to handle the proverbial 'blank page;' working through writer’s block and expanding possibilities. They will guide the group through a series of games and experiments with exercises that can be translated to a variety of artistic mediums. The workshop also provides time for a Q&A and live co-creation with workshop participants.


All are welcome, at any level of experience.

Places are limited, so if you'd like to take part, please click on the image below to book.

Lene Lovich & Chris Packham FINAL Flyer.jpg

We’re incredibly excited about this wildlife activism event and can’t wait to welcome the wonderful Chris Packham and stupendous Lene Lovich Band to Rockaway! 

Extraordinarily creative and prolific, Chris Packham has led a remarkable life, gaining recognition as a naturalist, television presenter, writer, photographer, conservationist, campaigner and filmmaker. In 2016, Chris’s autobiography, Fingers in the Sparkle Jar: A Memoir, was released to critical acclaim, reaching number 1 in The Sunday Times Bestseller list in just two weeks.


Chris has always been active and vocal about wildlife, conservation issues and injustice. He’s a vociferous opponent of the badger cull and a leading campaigner to ban driven grouse shooting. In 2019, he organised The Peoples Walk for Wildlife, with 10,000 marching peacefully from Hyde Park to Downing Street to present The Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife - 200 practical solutions, formulated by some of the UK’s most respected independent conservations.


Most recently, Chris spoke at the dramatic Funeral For Nature event in Bath.

Chris Packham montage.jpg

A precocious young scientist, swot and nerd in training, Chris studied kestrels, shrews and badgers in his teens and undergraduate days, where he fell in love with punk rock and formed his own band, as well as embraced the DIY ethos and determination to never take ‘no’ for an answer.


Chris believes that self-empowerment is the key to success. We have a conscience and if we act upon it as individuals we can make a difference. It’s why we should all realise that we must stand up and be counted by those who are accountable to us - just do it!


Chris will be giving a talk on wildlife activism followed by a Q&A, where he’ll also answer questions from the audience.


Following Chris’s talk comes the music, and what a treat we have with the Lene Lovich Band!

Lene lovich montage.jpg

American-British singer and vegan activist, Lene Lovich first gained attention in 1979 with the release of her hit single Lucky Number, which made her a leading figure of the new wave music scene. Her musical style combined ethnic influences with punk rock and new wave, while her long plaits became a visual trademark.


Maintaining her long-term writing partnership with Les Chappell, Lene recorded the albums Flex and No-Man's-Land for Stiff records, as well as the EP New Toy. Following her departure from Stiff, Lene released the single Don't Kill The Animals, with German artist, Nina Hagen.


A vegan activist and amazing performer, we can’t wait for Lene’s band to play at Rockaway.


They're supported by Bath 4-piece band, CorViD - an ingenious mix of quirky original lyrics and flamboyant musical arrangement, cemented together with old school punk rock attitude. Every performance is executed with razor sharp artistic vision and energy!

Corvid montage.jpg

The Vegan Café will be serving delicious hot food, snacks and cakes, plus there’s a bar.


We’re also providing a coach from central Bristol (Mega Bus Stop in Bond Street) to Rockaway Park to help with transport.

Tickets £15

Ticket & Coach £26.50


Please be aware that this is a stand-up event with some seating available. If you’d like to bring camping chairs for Chris Packham’s talk to guarantee a seat, you’re very welcome to do so. We look forward to seeing you there!

(NB: This event has now sold out!

There is no camping available on-site for this event.)

Unrest DIY punk all-dayer flyer featuring info about 14 bands, 2 stages, stalls, bar, vegan food and chill our space.

We're excited that Bristol-based promotions group, Shitty Futures (SF), are hosting another all-day punk gig at Rockaway on Saturday 17th August! They’ve invited 14 of the best contemporary international and UK DIY punk bands to join us across two stages – our open-air stage and the main shed - for what promises to be another fantastic Rockaway event!


The first Unrest in 2023 sold out with over 300 people jumping around to some incredible bands, and we're hoping to repeat that success in 2024. 

Montage of pictures taken at the DIY punk all layer Unrest in 2023 featuring bands performing on the outdoor stage and Main Shed, plus pictures of the Rockaway yard full of revellers.

The Vegan Café will be serving hot food and snacks throughout the day and there's a bar, plus a distro market, activist stalls, chill-out space and more...

Bands Announced!

Black and white picture of DIY punk band Vidro, from Sweden, performing on stage.

Vidro (Sweden)

Ferocious ripping hardcore punk. Not for the faint hearted - they'll blow you away!

Black and white picture of DIY punk band Tramadol, from Leeds, performing on stage.

Tramadol (Leeds)

Blistering in your face D-beat hardcore. Featuring members of Powerplant and Frisk.

Black and white shot of Leeds punk band Votiv in action on stage.

Votiv (Leeds)

Dirty D-Beat Punk merchants.

Black and white action shot of DIY punk band Disskerad, from Sweden, on stage performing

Disskerad (Sweden)

Råpunk mangling, featuring members of Totalitär and Avskum. This is their only UK gig, so catch 'em while you can!

Black and white action shot of DIY punk band Möney, from Bristol, on stage performing

Möney (Bristol)

Moody egg punk for the blank generation. Amazing demo out on Chicken Attack Records.

Black and white shot of punk band Gamma, from Brighton and Falmouth, in action on stage.

Gamma (Brighton/Falmouth)

Garagey punk spread thin all over the country. Members of Isolation and Life Forms. EP out now on Gob Nation.

Black and white shot of Dublin punk band Special Branch in action on stage.

Special Branch (Dublin)

Raging political hardcore from Ireland. Awesome 7" out now on Roachleg Records.

Black and white picture of DIY punk band A Culture of Killing, from Italy, performing on stage.

A Culture of Killing (Italy)

Post-punk with anarcho sensibilities on Drunken Sailor Records.

Black and white picture of DIY punk band Haavat, from Norwich, performing on stage.

Haavat (Norwich)

Crust punk with Finnish vocals. Featuring members of Agnosy and Deviated Instinct.

Black and white picture of DIY punk band Feral State, from Leicester, performing on stage.

Feral State (Leicester)

Straight up D-beat punk mayhem.

Black and white action shot of DIY punk band Ikhras, from London and Brighton, on stage performing

Ikhras (London / Brighton)

One of the most important new hardcore bands going, with a demo just out on Quality Control Records.

Black and white action shot of DIY punk band Morreadoras, from London, on stage performing

Morreadoras (London)

Awesome primitive Casio Punks. Definitely not to be missed.

Black and white shot of London punk band Rifle in action on stage.

Rifle (London)

Snotty-nosed punk rock from the Southeast. Check out their debut record on Standard Process Records.

Black and white shot of Bristol punk band Gimic in action on stage.

Gimic (Bristol)

Local punks. Think classic Dischord Records and Born Against, Die Kreuzen. New EP out on Crew Cuts.


SF are also running a transport pick-up and drop-off service from Bristol on the day, which can be booked via the ticket link. This service will collect people prior to the start of the event and after the 11pm finish.


 £25 Ticket

£34 Ticket & Coach


More bands to be announced in the coming months, but be aware that this event will sell out before August. So, whizz over to Headfirst Bristol, where you can buy your ticket in advance and avoid missing out!

(NB: There is no camping available on-site for this event.)


Rockaway Sunday Sessions logo

Our Sunday Sessions are free - you just need to book your Sunday roast! There is a £5 parking charge and all donations are welcome to support any performers.

Yoga with Mad logo

Mad also hosts the Yoga + Roast Club, which runs alongside our Sunday Sessions. The club begins at 11.30am with a yoga session in the Rockaway House.

Dates for our Sunday Sessions and the Yoga + Roast Club appear above, in our calendar, our newsletter and social media channels. 

Rockaway markets logo and montage of artists, crafters and makers

If you would like to have a market stall at one of our Sunday Sessions, or during a Rockaway Park event, please contact us below.


Montage of different performers at Rockaway - FFTP, Culture Shock, Zion Train, the Rhythmites, Dub the Earth, Atterkop, Anthrax and Steve Lake

We often hear from bands and performers who would like to play at Rockaway Park. However, we're not a typical venue with a regular schedule of gigs and performers who just rock up and play! So, here's some useful info about how we operate for you to check through before contacting us.


Like everything else at Rockaway, our events are unique. It's not just the location and setting, with its festival vibe, but also how we actively collaborate with bands and performers to create an event that's a bit special and not like anything you'll see in a pub or music venue. Our calendar of events fills up quickly each year too, with a wide range of activities, so we have a limited number of dates available. However, we're always planning ahead and are happy to hear from bands and performers who are interested in working with us.


We're always on the lookout for performers who would like to play at our Sunday Sessions, which have a relaxed family atmosphere, and feature market stalls showcasing work by local artists and craftspeople, plus our famous vegan roast. We also hold celebrations at Rockaway, along with away days and symposiums, and are often asked about musicians and performers who could help make an event exciting.


So, if you would like to work with us on an event, it would be good to know more about you to help us with our planning. If you could please download the questionnaire below, then once completed, email it to us via the link included, that would be great. We look forward to hearing from you!


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"

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