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Like everything else, our events are unique, and here is where you'll find all the info, as well as any booking links. If you're a band or performer who would like to play at Rockaway, check out the Performing at Rockaway Park section at the bottom of the page.

For a taster of our events, here's a couple of short videos to give you an idea.

Somerset Arts Week Launch & Gig

Sunday Market, Music & Vegan Roast

Parking at Rockaway for Events

Parking at Rockaway for events image

Please be aware that when it's been raining heavily, the parking field at Rockaway can become water-logged. This means we will only have parking available on site for disabled visitors. When the field is unusable, we'll issue any important updates to online ticket holders via email, as well as update this page and our social media channels.

For all our events, ticketed or free, we'd like everyone to try and do their bit for the environment by using public transport, taking a taxi, or car sharing wherever possible. If you'd like a little exercise, you can also park in the nearby village of Temple Cloud and walk to Rockaway, but please


It's too narrow and we need to have emergency vehicle access at all times.

The 376 bus stops at the end of our road, at Cameley Road Surgery (Temple Cloud).

This bus comes from Bristol, Wells, Glastonbury and many other locations. You can find the

full bus timetable below, and thank you for planning your journey to Rockaway.

We really appreciate it.

A handy PDF map, which details the best route to reach us by car, can be downloaded below.


Maddie Storvold & Vegan Roast
Sunday 28th January
12pm - 4pm

We're offering more live music at our Sunday Sessions in 2024, and we kick off in January with Canadian artist, Maddie Storvold.


Maddie is the proverbial black sheep love child of comedian Steven Wright and protest singer Joan Baez. Often compared to Joni Mitchell, she possesses compassion and storytelling abilities far beyond her years, delighting audiences with a honeyed, impassioned voice and emotive fingerpicking. 


As a live performer, she’s been described as having a "commanding stage presence, a quirky sense of humour, and a knack for capturing moments in song," (Vue Weekly) with audience members enjoying both music and stand-up comedy in one act. A regular on the festival circuit, Maddie's star is rising fast in the Canadian music scene.


Her debut LP, The Old Brag Of My Heart, in 2017, was recorded in bathrooms, basements, treehouses and kitchens, seeking to capture an authentic and unedited experience of each unique song. In 2019, she released the ballad, Don’t Say You Love Me, written and produced by Bryan Adams. The single shot to #1 on the country charts in less than 3 hours, and peaked at #3 on the overall charts, surpassing Lady Gaga and P!nk.


Maddie's gig also acts as a springboard between Rockaway and other Canadian artists that we hope to build upon. For a taster, check out the video below. 

Entry to this Sunday Session is by donation (minimum of £5) which we'll ask for upon arrival. Details of the vegan Sunday roast options will be available at the start of the year. So, keep an eye out for the January newsletter.


Rockaway Sunday Sessions logo

Our Sunday Sessions are free - you just need to book your Sunday roast! There is a £5 parking charge and all donations are welcome to support any performers.

Yoga with Mad logo

Mad also hosts the Yoga + Roast Club, which runs alongside our Sunday Sessions. The club begins at 11.30am with a yoga session in the Rockaway House.

Dates for our Sunday Sessions and the Yoga + Roast Club appear above, in our calendar, our newsletter and social media channels. 

Rockaway markets logo and montage of artists, crafters and makers

If you would like to have a market stall at one of our Sunday Sessions, or during a Rockaway Park event, please contact us below.


Montage of different performers at Rockaway - FFTP, Culture Shock, Zion Train, the Rhythmites, Dub the Earth, Atterkop, Anthrax and Steve Lake

We often hear from bands and performers who would like to play at Rockaway Park. However, we're not a typical venue with a regular schedule of gigs and performers who just rock up and play! So, here's some useful info about how we operate for you to check through before contacting us.


Like everything else at Rockaway, our events are unique. It's not just the location and setting, with its festival vibe, but also how we actively collaborate with bands and performers to create an event that's a bit special and not like anything you'll see in a pub or music venue. Our calendar of events fills up quickly each year too, with a wide range of activities, so we have a limited number of dates available. However, we're always planning ahead and are happy to hear from bands and performers who are interested in working with us.


We're always on the lookout for performers who would like to play at our Sunday Sessions, which have a relaxed family atmosphere, and feature market stalls showcasing work by local artists and craftspeople, plus our famous vegan roast. We also hold celebrations at Rockaway, along with away days and symposiums, and are often asked about musicians and performers who could help make an event exciting.


So, if you would like to work with us on an event, it would be good to know more about you to help us with our planning. If you could please download the questionnaire below, then once completed, email it to us via the link included, that would be great. We look forward to hearing from you!


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"

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