Like everything else, our events are unique and here is where you will find all the details,

as well as any booking links.

For a taster of our events, take a look at the short videos below.

Somerset Arts Week Launch & Gig

Sunday Market, Music & Vegan Roast


Sunday Session, Repair Shop &
Free Drop-in Mental Health Advice 
Sunday Session Flyer 21st August 22.jpg

With its festive atmosphere, home-made vegan Sunday roasts and extensive selection of market stalls (arts, crafts, vinyl, herbal remedies and ethical merch), a Sunday Session at Rockaway is a great way to round off a weekend.

Sunday 21st Menu Montage.jpg
We're also opening our Repair Shop 1.30pm - 4pm
Repair Shop Logo.jpg

This means you can bring your broken items from home and, with guidance and support from our group of specialist volunteers, work together to make your repairs. Not only is it a great way to limit consumer waste, it also ensures the sharing of vital skills so you feel confident to tackle your own repairs. A list of the repairs we can offer will appear here a few days before the Sunday Session!

Plus our new free drop-in mental health advice sessions! 

We're delighted to be working with the team at Normal Magic Mental Health Services, 

who are bringing their knowledge to Rockaway Park.


 Sarah Lewis is starting us off with FREE drop-in sessions during our Sunday Sessions each month!

Therapy sessions pic.jpg

Sarah explains: “We all get stuck in cycles of being. It sometimes takes getting stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, acting, interacting, loving or living before we realise something inside us needs some help to settle or change. Normal Magic is designed as a Single Session Approach, meaning you can drop in, chat about your thing, explore your aim, maybe hear about some science behind your thing and together consider what your next steps might be.


We hold no-one in judgement. We all make our own free choices to live the life we choose, to be the human beings we choose to be. Normal Magic is simply here to shine a light on improving ways of healthier living and healthier loving, in ways that work for you.”

Sarah will be joining us on Sunday 21st August from 11am until 4pm.
We're excited for her to be available to you, free, anonymously and off grid!

All our Sunday Sessions are free, with a £5 parking fee, but you need to book your Sunday roast in advance from our Vegan Cafe. 

GYO Fest 2022

GYO new flyer website.jpg

It is with much sadness that we have had to change the lineup of GYO Fest after the sad passing of Mark Wilkins, AKA Mark Astronaut, one of the best and most respected performers and writers in punk rock.


GYO Fest will be dedicated to his memory.

GYO Bands updated.jpg

This top notch line-up of punk bands promises to be another cracking Rockaway event. Brought to you by DIY Grow Your Own Records (GYO), expect all the usual Rockaway gig ingredients - market stalls, food, bar and fire pit.

Doors open at 4pm and the music starts at 6pm.

Don't miss out... tickets are only £13 for six incredible bands! 

Parking for this Gig

Given our limited parking, which can become non-existent in bad weather (!) the best option for travelling to Rockaway is still by bus or taxi. Information about the 376 bus timetable (which stops at the end of our road), directions, taxi numbers and maps, can be found on our Find/Contact Us page.

Overnight Parking

We've also arranged with a local farmer, Buster, to provide overnight parking for those travelling from afar in a field about a mile away from Rockaway.

If you would like to book with Buster, please call 0774 800 1780

Yoga + Lunch Club
Sunday 28th August, 11.30am
Yoga & Lunch.jpg

The Yoga + Roast Club isn't running this month because the lovely Maddie is teaching at a retreat. As an alternative, we're offering this Yoga + Lunch Club, which begins with a yoga class in the Rockaway House, at 11.30am, and is followed by a scrumptious vegan lunch at the cafe.

Cost is £22 and if you're a Mad member, there's a tasty £5 off! To become a Mad member, you can visit Maddie's website HERE.

Groove Dance at Rockaway
7th September, 7.30 - 8.30pm
Groove at Rockaway.jpg

Groove Dance is a dynamically interactive and creative group dance experience. From 7th September, Rockaway will be holding a regular class with facilitator Katy West of Rebalance Yourself. With great music, Katy will unite everyone in a simple movement or rhythm, but you get to dance it in your own unique way. 

The class begins with a gentle warm up. You then get your heart rate up, build strength, and dance your heart out to awesome music, ending with a yummy cool down and stillness. We use the entire space: the floors, the walls, and even each other to create a mind-blowing dance party. There is no complicated choreography. Simplicity is key.


Cost is £5 per person per session.
Concessions/low income/universal credit is by donation.

Subhumans Flyer.jpg
Subs Band Pic & logo.jpg
Autonomads band pic & logo.jpg
Human Error Pic & logo.jpg

Legendary anarcho-punk band Subhumans are playing at Rockaway Park! You can't beat a Subhumans gig for ferocious energy, profound lyrics and some of the best punk music around. 

Supported by dub-punk-ska band Autonomads, plus 3-piece punk band The Human Error, this is going to be a fantastic night to kick off the Rockaway Arts Weekend of gigs and exhibitions.


The Vegan Cafe will be open and serving hot food, savoury snacks and cakes, plus hot and cold drinks. There will be a bar and the Rockaway Market will be in full swing offering an array of arts, crafts and merch. 

This is an event that's not to be missed, so head to Eventbrite below to book your ticket!


Sunday Sessions Image border.jpg

Our Sunday Sessions are free - you just need to book your Sunday roast! There is a £5 parking charge and all donations are welcome to support any performers.


Mad also hosts the Yoga + Roast Club, which runs alongside our Sunday Sessions. The club begins at 11am with a yoga session in the Rockaway House.

Dates for our Sunday Sessions and the Yoga + Roast Club appear above, in our calendar, our newsletter and social media channels. If you would like to have a market stall at one of our Sunday Sessions, or during a Rockaway Park event, please contact us below.


Performing at Rockaway 2.jpg

We often hear from bands and performers who would like to play at Rockaway Park. However, we're not a typical venue with a regular schedule of gigs and performers who just rock up and play! So, here's some useful info about how we operate for you to check through before contacting us.


Like everything else at Rockaway, our events are unique. It's not just the location and setting, with its festival vibe, but also how we actively collaborate with bands and performers to create an event that's a bit special and not like anything you'll see in a pub or music venue. Our calendar of events fills up quickly each year too, with a wide range of activities, so we have a limited number of dates available. However, we're always planning ahead and are happy to hear from bands and performers who are interested in working with us.


We're always on the lookout for performers who would like to play at our Sunday Sessions, which have a relaxed family atmosphere, and feature market stalls showcasing work by local artists and craftspeople, plus our famous vegan roast. We also hold celebrations at Rockaway, along with away days and symposiums, and are often asked about musicians and performers who could help make an event exciting.


So, if you would like to work with us on an event, it would be good to know more about you to help us with our planning. If you could please download the questionnaire below, then once completed, email it to us via the link included, that would be great. We look forward to hearing from you!


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"