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Juli Moran - A Celebrant For Every Occasion

Rockaway Park has a wonderful award-winning celebrant working with us to help people celebrate significant moments and strengthen bonds. Juli Moran, of Soulshine Ceremonies, has worked as a celebrant for over 10 years and she will create a beautiful ceremony for you, your family and friends, based on your beliefs and ideas.


In this short video, Juli talks about holding celebrations at Rockaway Park and what is possible!

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Juli is also the recipient of the Hitched Weddings 2022 Award, given in 'recognition for being one of the most recommended and best valued celebrants' by the couples she has celebrated with! So, you know you'll be in good hands for your special event.

Celebrations at Rockaway Park

Whatever you’re celebrating, we’d love to help you make it really special in our unique and creative setting. Juli will spend time finding out what you have in mind, as well as guiding you through the basics, so you can be confident that nothing is forgotten. Rockaway will be right alongside her to explore how we can manifest the vision for your celebration. So, any theme or ideas you have will be in the hands of a group of people who are passionate about collaborative working and getting things done - however wacky or challenging! Marta, the genius behind Rockaway’s Vegan Café, will also work with you on planning your vegan and ethically sourced celebration menu.

The cost of each celebration is on a case-by-case basis, depending what you want us to create for you. The first step is to get in touch with us to discuss your event. We will then meet with you and talk through what you envisage and how we can make it happen. If you decide you want to share your celebration with us, we’ll work out a plan to pull everything together, as well as finalise any costs.

Juli also offers to be your celebrant at a reduced rate for Rockaway, saving you money.

So, take a look at the possibilities below…

Weddings & Handfastings

Celebrant Juli Moran in the Chapel of Unrest
Celebrant Juli Moran in the open -air stage area

With a celebrant-led wedding or handfasting, you’re not tied to the format of a religious or town-hall ceremony. The only thing Juli can’t do is the legal side – so, you’ll have to register your marriage legally at your local registry office. But with that taken care of, you’re free to have your celebration in any part of Rockaway that you think will be perfect for you, whether it’s in the church, on the terrace, in the main venue or the Community Forest Garden.  


For a wedding or handfasting, Juli’s celebrant fee is £380, which covers the following:

A meeting to get to know you and talk over the ceremony you have in mind

A unique script for your ceremony

A final meeting to read through the script

A rehearsal at the venue or space you’ve chosen

Juli’s services on the day

Unlimited access to email and telephone support

Renewal of Vows

Celebrant Juli Moran in the Rockaway house atrium
Celebrant Juli Moran in the pocket rocket

With the pandemic, people are re-evaluating their lives and focusing more and more on what’s important – love, family, friends. Some are choosing to reaffirm their love and commitment with a renewal of their vows and Rockaway could be the ideal space.

 We’ll offer the same approach as we do with weddings and handfastings - how we manifest your vision and costs will be worked out on an individual basis.


Juli’s fee as your celebrant is £300 and covers preparations, the writing of the script, regular contact up to the day and delivering your personalised ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies

Celebrant Juli Moran in the Community Forest Garden
Celebrant Juli Moran on the Terrace

A naming ceremony is a non-religious alternative to a christening where the parents and guide parents publicly declare their love and support for the child or children from this day forward. This commitment is made amongst family and friends in a meaningful and significant way. A naming ceremony is an opportunity to:

Welcome a child/children into the community

Affirm a duty of care witnessed by family and friends

Appoint supporting adults who will commit to taking

special responsibility for the child/children

Strengthen family and relationships by coming together to celebrate new life

Juli will work with you to create a unique ceremony with special meaning to your family. Usually lasting 30 – 45 minutes, it can include any or all of the following:


Readings, poems, music

The stating of the name

Reasons behind the choice of name

Parents’ promises

Supporters’ promises

Grandparents’ promises

Parents’ vows to each other

Hopes for the future

A toast of celebration

Acknowledgement of absent guests

A naming ceremony is usually performed for babies, but it can be a celebration of children of any age. Ceremonies can also be held for adults who have chosen to change their name, particularly when this has been done for significant reasons.


Juli’s fee as your celebrant is £200 and covers preparations, the writing of the script, regular contact up to the day and delivering your personalised ceremony.

Celebrant Juli Moran conducting a ceremony in a garden
Wedding bouquet of purple white and green flowers
Celebrant Juli Moran conducting a Viking wedding ceremony
Celebrant Juli Moran conducting a  wedding with 2 brides in a garden
Celebrant Juli Moran conducting a ceremony
Celebrant Juli Moran conducting a ceremony under a canopy

If you'd like to discuss holding your celebration at Rockaway Park,
then please get in touch by using the button below.

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"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"

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