Here you'll find details about the workshops that have taken place at Rockaway so far, starting with the most recent. Our programme is developing all the time, so keep an eye on the Workshops page! All of our workshops include a delicious home cooked vegan lunch from the Vegan Cafe, plus refreshments throughout the day.


We’re always happy to hear from people who are interested in any of our workshops being run again, as well as hearing suggestions for additional workshops,

or other collaborative educational projects.


If you would like to get in touch to offer feedback, or to collaborate with us on a creative workshop, please click below.

Ethical Screen-Printing Vol I & II
with Carry on Screening

Hosted by Si & Rona of long-established specialists in ethical campaign and tour merchandise - Carry On Screening - these hands on workshops can be one or two days, and teach the art and origins of printing; the print process and what it entails, plus the tools of the trade. Encouraged to create your own seditious artwork, you'll learn how to create your own screen and print your design, with lots of opportunities to practice and draw upon Si and Rona's expertise.

Creating Short Stories with Michelle Diwell

Writing Workshop - Landscape.jpg

For this two-day weekend workshop, Michelle helps budding writers tap into their creativity with inspirational writing exercises in the unique setting of Rockaway Park, with its craftspeople, studios, sculptures and community forest garden. She then guides them through the creative process involved with writing a short story, providing mentorship and support along the way. Here’s some of the feedback from people who have already taken part:


I found Michelle really engaging and encouraging and came away inspired to write more. I love the setting and the food. Good timings of writing periods and breaks.


It was a fantastic location and a great group of people. The practical tips about story shaping and what to bear in mind when editing were really valuable.


I enjoyed all of it! I especially enjoyed being on the terrace learning space at Rockaway Park, then going into the atrium and the garden to work.

Tyre Furniture Making with Coco Banks

Tyre Furniture - Landscape.jpg

Tyre Furniture Skills is an international project founded by Coco, teaching tyre repurposing and furniture making out of waste tyres as an income generating skill. Held in the Rockaway Church, this two-day weekend workshop teaches you how to cut and weave bicycle and motorbike tyres to create different patterns and styles of chair seats and backs. You then learn the use of basic power/hand tools to attach these components to complete the build of your chair to take home and enjoy. This popular workshop is being run again soon, so keep an eye out for details on the Our Workshops page!

Cyanotype Photography with Suzi Hatfield

Cyanotype Photography - Landscape.jpg

Experiment with this 19th century photographic process by producing cyanotype prints with the aid of today´s technology. This one-day weekend workshop covers a brief history of the process and takes a look at artists currently working with cyanotype, as well as the materials you need to get started. Exploring Rockaway Park and surrounding areas, you collect natural materials and take digital images, which are then transformed into large acetate negatives. You’re then shown how to create your own cyanotype prints, experimenting with the process in a variety of ways to produce a series of unique pieces of work.

Somerset Arts Week Family Workshops

SAW Workshops - Landscape.jpg

These free weekend family workshops were held in a variety of spaces all over Rockaway Park and ran alongside the Somerset Art Works Open Studios, September 2021. Guided and supported during each workshop, families discovered the following:

Eco Art, with Mark Noble

Painting scenes of nature on recycled materials; encouraging them to think about the world around us, express their creativity and reconnect with nature.


Creating Sculptures, with Owen Griffee

Creating free formed stone sculptures from casting-based materials

like cement, mortar and concrete.


Spin Art Plus with Abi and Star from Higher Beings

Exciting experimental art techniques using paint-spinners, a printing press and

inky plasma art.


Graffiti Art Eddy Whirl

Creating graffiti art basics; using spray paint, stencils, canvases and boards

to produce take-home graffiti.


Textile Art with Shiva Page

Creating amazing headwear from scrap and recycled materials.


One of the practitioners who took part said:

 It was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed running the workshops in the space. The workshops went amazingly well and the amount of positive feedback I received from families taking part was immense. People thoroughly enjoyed working with the materials and were really enthusiastic, with lots of comments on how therapeutic and engaging they were. 

Silversmithing/Ringmaking with Charlotte Duckworth

Silversmith Ring Making - Landscape.jpg

Held on the Rockaway Terrace, this one-day weekend workshop shares the tools and techniques used by silversmiths to create a beautiful custom-made piece of jewellery. Charlotte helps you choose your own ring design from a variety of samples and images to make your piece within the limits of the materials provided. She then guides you through the making process step by step - cutting, shaping and hammering your silver, then forming and soldering it into a ring. You also have the option to add texturing to your finished piece, with an opportunity to practice techniques in copper. The finished ring is then yours to wear or give to someone special as a unique handmade gift.


Here is some of the feedback from people who took part:

A really interactive, informative and fun course. Friendly, skilled, knowledgeable and patient tutor. Really great venue, delicious lunch and relaxed vibe.


A perfect fun day! Great teacher and a great atmosphere.


Amazing value for money! Amazing setting to do a workshop. I learned so much!

It's A Woman's Weld with Coco Banks

A Woman's Weld - Landscape.jpg

Held in the Rockaway Church, this introduction to metalwork for women teaches you how to make an outdoor fire stove from used car wheels and scrap metal, by applying the skills of welding and grinding metal. Coco’s main approach to teaching metalwork is to open up the opportunity for women to have a go and gain confidence using power tools, while learning how to make practical items in a safe space. This one-day weekend workshop is a fun, social way to have a go at welding to create a finished piece that’s yours to take home and enjoy. Here is just some of the feedback:


What an amazing experience - Coco is a brilliant teacher!

Loved it! It gave me confidence to carry on with welding in my own time.


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"