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Here you'll find all the information about our new suite of online courses, which we're currently developing. The aim of these courses is to provide affordable and accessible activities for anyone, anywhere in the world. Consisting of engaging video content with key stages to follow, they will focus on subjects like health and wellbeing, developing creative practice and learning new skills. The offerings below will continue to grow as the programme develops in collaboration with some wonderful and talented practitioners.

Beginners Yoga

Montage of pictures showing Maddie in action with yoga classes

Do you want to get into yoga but don't know where to start? Then Maddie's course is for you! Designed to help beginners find confidence with breath work and yoga poses, Maddie invites you to dip into some amazing meditation practices.

This six-part course will allow you to explore lots of areas of yoga, encouraging you to get into a regular practice that works for you. With easy to follow videos and a supporting worksheet with additional information, the course covers the following:

Session 1: Breath & Basics

An introduction to the 3 key elements of yoga - Breath, Movement, Chill.

Session 2: Poses & Peacefinding

An exploration of classic poses that can be sewn together to eventually create a flow.

Session 3: Serene Stillness

Finding stillness in body and mind.

Session 4: Mindful Movement

An introduction to flow and the sun salutation.

Session 5: Flowing Freely 

Going with the flow and listening to what your body is asking for.

Session 6: Yoga For When You're Tired

Slowing down and gentle stretches.

Cost for all six sessions is £50.

To sign up and get started on your yoga practice, just click below:

Write the Way Up!
Finding Story Ideas

Write the Way Up - tap into your imagination with inspirational exercises and find the stories within

Have you ever wanted to write but weren't sure where to begin or where to go? Or are you someone who already writes but needs a fresh perspective to capture those elusive story ideas? If yes, then this is the course for you!

This short course is the first in a series of creative writing sessions from Michelle Diwell's new suite of courses, Write The Way Up. Writing can sometimes feel like a mountain to climb and Michelle's advice, guidance and handy tips will help you navigate onwards and upwards as you head for the top.

Michelle is currently querying her first novel and writing her second. She has a Masters in Professional Writing and years of experience teaching creative writing through workshops and training sessions for all age groups. With this first course, she will help writers tap into their creative flow and find story ideas with inspirational exercises. Future courses will include how to write short stories, screenwriting and writing non-fiction. 

This course will be launched soon in 2024 with full details about what to expect, including costs and booking info.


"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it"

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