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Solar-Powered Fire Sculpture at Rockaway Gig, 9th April

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Meet Frederika the Fire Angel, The Flame Throwers of Delights & the Charming Heads of the Apocalypse! These stunning solar-powered fire sculptures will be on display at the Steve Ignorant Band gig on Saturday 9th April!

Frederika is a two-metre high metal sculpture made from scrap metal and a mass of electronic circuitry. It features aluminium welded wings and an aluminium motorbike frame body with triple motorbike exhaust arms. The wings and talons move, its eyes glow, and the sculpture emits spurts of fire from various points!

Created by welder turned sculptor, Iain Colley - whose passion for creating fire and kinetic sculptures began when he was inspired by the artists of the Mutoid Waste Company - we're excited to have these at the gig for people to enjoy!

NB: There’s still online tickets left if you can’t go, couldn’t get a physical ticket, or live in another part of the planet – only £5 a ticket and profits will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières UK/Doctors Without Borders who help refugees in all conflicts around the world. For all the info and a booking link, head to OUR EVENTS page on the website – – thanks!

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