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ForgetMeNot Album -Supporting People with Dementia or Cognitive Impairment

At Rockaway, we love to highlight great projects and good causes, and here's another that we think as many people as possible need to be aware of by the awesome

Ruby Myers.


Ruby is a long-time Rockaway resident and the founder of the ForgetMeNot Album, which is an innovative tool that will help people with dementia or other cognitive impairments to regain memories. The ForgetMeNot Album is a physical photo album that allows the user to attach a voice note to a photograph. When the photograph is placed on the device, it will play back the recording, giving the users the independence to inform themselves of what they have forgotten.


It’s a new form of saving, sharing, and re-visiting memories. It's private and non-reliant on social media or the ability to use technological devices.


Ruby's project is in the research and development stage and backed by Innovate UK. She's working on getting her second prototype up and running by the end of March/April, ready for usability testing. Then, she'll look to develop, test, and evaluate her innovation in the real world.


Ruby says: "I would love to meet with people who want to share their stories and have insightful information or research that may benefit and support my idea. I truly believe that the ForgetMeNot Album can help people, and it's my dream to make it a reality."


For more info about the ForgetMeNot album, and to get in touch with Ruby, please visit her website below.


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