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Scorching Weekend of Events at Rockaway

It was a scorcher for another weekend of great events. Luckily, Rockaway has pockets of welcome shade and cool spots to beat the heat. There was also the odd cool spray from the newly nozzled up elephant fountain on request for a few overheated folks (more on that project in the next blog post...)

The weekend began with our first Film & Food Feast night, which was a great combination of delicious food and a fantastic film – the neo-western thriller Hell or High Water. We loved it and can’t wait to host another one, so keep an eye out for next month's offering!

For our first Sunday Session of the month, transatlantic art-punk-noir duo, Blood Moon Wedding, performed songs from their debut album. Featuring California opera singer Mia Dean and Steve Lake - poet, author and member of anarcho-punk band, Zounds - they were accompanied by Tom Dean on keyboards, Billy C Shock on drums and Dieter Eichhorn on bass. Their beautiful set was a perfect accompaniment to the chilled vibe of the day and a video of some of their songs is now on our YouTube channel. It's well worth a look!

We were also entertained by the amazing magician, Magic Malka, who turned up and performed just for fun. A short video of just a few of his magical illusions is also available on our YouTube channel!

Don't forget, we have a second Sunday Session on 31st July which includes the usual Rockaway ingredients - delicious home-made food, great music, a fantastic market and our Repair Shop. The Vegan Cafe menu for this event will be available shortly, along with confirmation of the repairs we can offer for free to encourage skill sharing and limit consumer waste.

Remember also, that if you're a subscriber, you'll receive advance notice of all our events, as well as advance cafe menu availability, so check out our Newsletter page with the form to subscribe if you want to be ahead of the curve!

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