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Recent Donations Find a New Home at Rockaway

One of the most asked questions we hear at Rockaway is "where do you get all this stuff?"

Well, a lot of it just arrives. Last weekend we were gifted pangolins, badgers, a paper maché fox mask, slot machine fronts and a 4 x 12 bass cab, that was apparently used at the last Stonehenge Free Festival, plus the welcome home car from Glastonbury (thanks Kaye Dunnings!)

Huge thanks to those of you that think of us when you're looking for somewhere to retire or share such interesting and diverse things. We won't always want or have room for it, but we're always happy to have a look. We appear to be gradually morphing into some weird museum (amongst many other things) and that's something we can live with!

If you'd like to donate something, or donate a few quid to help with our different community projects, all the info, including contacts, is now on our new DONATE/SPONSOR page. So, feel free to take a look, as well as read about other causes we support which you might also be interested in.

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