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Our 'Chapel of Unrest' Now Has 600+ Members!

It's incredible that in such a short amount of time, the 'Chapel of Unrest' has grown its membership from just a handful of people, whom Mark first chatted to about his idea at Glastonbury festival, to over 600 of you!

The pic above shows just a few of the latest members to either sign up or pop into Rockaway to pick up their hand-printed membership cards. Like artist and friend, Tom Cherry (No.500), Rich & Meg (No. 551 & 552), brilliant subverter of billboards and good friend of Rockaway, artist Foka Wolf (No.150); early adopters Erik and Aly (No.1 & 2), old mates of Mark's, Krusty Mark (No.501) and Beaker (No.514), plus Commoners Choir member Helen (No.553).

Foka Wolf also updated the Rockaway entrance signage he created last year while he was here. We all love the sign and, although we weren't planning on having any 'rules,' let alone 'commandments' for the Chapel of Unrest, we could perhaps refer to these as the ten suggestions or ten hints...

With such an amazing level of support, we’re now in a position to start the chapel "works." Mark has had endless conversations about floor screed and the other things we need to get right, like disabled access, before the glamorous bits get started. He's been busy researching tiles and sketching ideas and talking to some fantastic craftspeople, artists, engineers and builders (amongst others). Everyone he speaks to is excited to get involved and contribute and it’s turning into a really heart-warming venture.

Mark and Ellie from the Rockaway Markets have also created dedicated Chapel Facebook and Instagram pages, and we’re asking everyone involved to upload and share pictures of themselves with their t-shirts and membership certificates to help spread the word. So, if you're a member, it would be great if you shared your pics as well. Alternatively, if you don't use social media, feel free to send them to us via the contact button below and we'll share them for you!

Likewise, if you haven't signed up yet, head to the membership page HERE for all the info!


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