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New Accommodation Block Being Built For Travelling Artists & Performers

Mark has been grafting away for the past week putting this beautiful old Paladin caravan from the 1950s back together. Once transformed, it will provide overnight accommodation for travelling bands, performers and artists.

This week, Flash has started work on the interior, which means it won't be long before we can see some stunning results!

Flash is also building a replacement toilet block out of reclaimed materials (what else?) inside a shipping container. The finished block will have 3 cubicles, including a wheelchair friendly one, and a new laundry facility.

It means performers will be able to pull into Rockaway after a show in the area, do some laundry, get a good night's sleep and then hit the road again. With our rehearsal room, vegan café and on-site ethical merch creators, Carry on Screening, it should be a handy space for a stopover!

Once the block is finished, it will be lifted into place where the current toilet is located, and the accommodation caravan will be positioned on top – like “an airborne gateway to Rockaway,” as Mark puts it.


All this work is being partially funded by a Rural Fund grant, which is an exciting step for us because we rarely receive any financial assistance. More than anything, we're excited to see it all finished and ready for use!

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