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Rockaway Welcomes Our Fantastic Creative RevolutionHERies!

We were thrilled to finally welcome two amazing groups of women in the first week of our exciting Creative RevolutionHERies project!

Both days began with a tour of Rockaway, which gave everyone a chance to get to know each other, ask questions and learn how Rockaway operates before the first demos in woodwork from wonderful Welsh carpentress, Siobain O'Farrell.

Over the next few weeks, Siobain will be teaching new skills, as well as guiding the design and build of planters and benches, alongside Coco from Rusty Nutts Metalworks.

Siobain said: 'It's such a great opportunity for alternative community learning, in a safe environment, to encourage and develop confidence with new skills and abilities.'

Shown how to use different tools, as well as various basic techniques, the RevolutionHERies were then encouraged to have a go themselves and explore working with wood.

Feedback from the first day was really positive, with praise for Siobain for being so patient when the RevolutionHERies worked with hand tools - many for the first time - and for allowing the learning process to unfold at an organic pace, ensuring everyone felt comfortable.

Siobain also said that the groups were excited to be guided by a woman, especially one who has retrained as a carpentress later in life, and been successful. The word "inspirational" cropped up quite a few times, which was great to hear.

All in all, a strong start to the project and we're excited about week 2!



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