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Creative RevolutionHERies Produce Stunning Results in Final Weeks of Workshops

It's been a busy couple of weeks of skills building and creativity for the last stage of our Creative RevolutionHERies workshops. For the 5th week, wonderful Welsh carpentress, Siobain O'Farrell, worked with the two groups of women to finish the wood elements of the planter building.

Alongside Coco from Rusty Nutt Metalworks, Siobain has guided our two groups of keen learners through the processes of working with wood and metal, helping them develop new skills, while instilling confidence with new tools and encouraging big ideas!

Siobain said: "It has been an absolute pleasure of mine to share my knowledge and experience with a group of women, who just a few weeks back lacked the confidence and abilities, which over a series of guided days have developed to create a multi-material product using freshly discovered practices. Allowing space for women to learn at their own pace in a women-lead environment has really given them the opportunity to thrive, not only in their practical skills, but also socially and holistically. The last month or so has seen the birth of new friendships and inspiring ideas, as well as finding confidence and becoming comfortable with previously intimidating tools and practices."

With the planters constructed, the final week focused on the decorative aspect with our Creative RevolutionHERies having a go at design and plasma cutting, lead by the talented Coco.

Both groups of women worked like Trojans to finish the two planters on the final days, with a lot of energy and smiling faces.

Here's just a few thoughts from our Creative RevolutionHERies on the experience:

"I came here with little skill and no confidence. The course has opened up my skill set and hugely boosted my confidence to try new things. I’ve gone from being too shy to even pick up a power tool to discovering a love for welding!"

"Feel elated having finished the last session. Thank you to everyone who organised it. The lead shop workers were excellent and supportive. There was such a team spirit today - so awesome! Lunch was amazing and chatting to creatives on site all made the whole thing feel very welcoming."

"So supportive and inspiring. Great to feel part of something ‘bigger’ than yourself, from the group of women we were working with, to the Rockaway community as a whole."

"It has been amazing to be in a group of supportive people who have all helped each other through the challenges of getting to grips with tools that are new to us and skills we never thought we would have. The course leaders have had our backs 100% of the way, making sure everything we are doing is safe and properly carried out, answering all of our questions and supporting throughout."

As you can see below, the results are stunning and once filled with plants, these will look incredible positioned in the Somer Valley.

A massive thank you and 'well done' to everyone who took part and made this so rewarding for all involved. Here's to more Creative RevolutionHERies workshops for women in the future!

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