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You Can Help Create a Documentary on the History of 2000 DS!

We like to highlight causes Rockaway supports and here's the latest that we'd like to draw your attention to...

'Dirty Squatters: The Story of 2000 DS' is a documentary about the most notorious and anarchic punk band to come out of the Welsh valleys, spearheaded by Gary Disease and younger brother Paul. It draws upon a wealth of archive footage and other material that was captured and stored with the aim of creating a documentary about counter-culture 'one day.'

That day is here... As director Andrew Gaston explains:

"The film is extremely relevant to now. Squats and free festivals have gone, buildings demolished and redeveloped, communities scattered - crushed by new government anti-trespass laws and unrelenting gentrification. Travellers have all but disappeared, confined to permanent sites as their way of life became outlawed. All this means people are craving a sense of community and connection like never before and Gary's cherished archive is an important part of our folk history, so let's use it and help share this story."

Check out the trailer for the film, which also highlights why it's being made, and how with a Kickstarter campaign:

Tragically, Gary died in a car accident in Jamaica in 2011, along with his partner Kath, daughter Caisie and daughter's friend Talei. Daughter Josie and son Gwyn survived but sustained life-changing injuries. Josie still needs specialist help and if they reach one of their Kickstarter 'Stretch Goals' they will be able to take her to a brain specialist for a long overdue check-up on her health.

Up until now the film has been entirely self-funded. Andrew and the producer, Aaron Trinder (who directed 'Free Party: A Folk History' about the free parties of the late 80s/early 90s) have been working on it for 18 months, covering the costs of digitising some of the 2000 DS archives and editing in their spare time. But to complete the film they need help with funds for digitising; hard drive and tape rescue, footage licenses and post-production.

It's an important part of our heritage - a story that covers 40 years of counter culture - and any help that people can give to get it finished would be fantastic!

For the full story, as well as rewards for chipping in, check out the Kickstarter below and thanks for your support, it's really appreciated.

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