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Welcome to the Rockaway Community Forest Garden Blog!


I'm Poppie and I'm the volunteer coordinator at the Rockaway Community Forest Garden, where you'll find me with my Dinky Dog every Friday (and sometimes other days too!)

Watch this space for future posts about what we've been getting up to each week with our fantastic volunteers, as well as ongoing projects and what we hope to achieve in the future.

We've had a wonderful couple of weeks in the garden. On our last two volunteer days we've had as many hands as some of our busiest days in the summer! It's amazing what a difference this makes - and not just because we can tackle bigger projects and lift heavier logs. More people means more fresh enthusiasm, more ideas and solutions to problems, and a lovely sense of camaraderie. I love sitting down to enjoy one of Marta's delicious vegan burgers with them all after a morning of hard work! If you're reading this and have any skills to share, or you'd like to get stuck in with some digging, mulching planting, weeding, or helping us tackle some of the big infrastructure projects in the garden, that would be fantastic!

Feel free to get in touch with me for a chat and I'll add you to the weekly volunteer email list.

Also, check out our Instagram for a look at what we've been up to so far...

I'm really looking forward to sharing more of what we've been up to in the garden over the coming weeks!

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