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Stunning New Art at Rockaway

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Photographed by Mark, these stunning works have appeared over the last few days at Rockaway in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Huge thanks to Rowdy, and Andy Council for all their hard work with the blue and yellow of Ukraine. Here's to peace in a world obsessed with destroying itself... The flowers at the bottom of the "missile" (actually a fuel "drop"tank) were painted a few years back by Mike Freedom.

The nightingale is the national bird of Ukraine. One legend tells how nightingales once only lived in India when one nightingale visited Ukraine. Hearing sad songs from the people, the bird sang its song to cheer them up. The people responded with happy songs, and since then, nightingales have visited Ukraine every spring to hear Ukrainian songs.

There can't be any of us that are not shocked and saddened by the events in Ukraine and our hearts, prayers and thoughts go out to the millions of people who are being impacted by this horror. And while we are at it, let us not forget the millions of other people around the world who are being ravaged by war, while a precious few old men get richer than they could ever need off the back of it all.

Let's hope those nightingales will sing again soon

Meanwhile, work continues on our new canopy! Days and days of planing and sanding on the locally grown poles that form the main supports. This old quarry face will form the backdrop of the new structure, which we hope to use for gigs, events, running courses and building and planning new ideas and projects.

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