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Snapshot of January Progress at Rockaway Park...

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Hi everyone,

We're very busy at Rockaway with different projects manifesting themselves! As you've probably worked out already, our website is currently being overhauled to reflect everything we do and are hoping to achieve, so keep checking as more info, videos, images and other ways to connect with us appear.

The wood you see above is a sneak preview of just one exciting project - to build a canopy! It's been grown locally and sustainably, with more pics to follow as the canopy takes shape...

One of the amazing things about people who connect with Rockaway, is the creativity it inspires and the generosity that follows with people sharing what they create. These beautiful pieces above were created by Paul Snell in celebration of the Community Forest Garden and we can't wait to put them in a place where they will inspire others! For more of Paul's work, check out his Instagram page HERE.

And this fella finally gets his claws! A well chuffed Mark added them today.

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