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Sharing the Success of Rockaway Friends Drive Green & Their Sustainability Award

Richard Norris, from local company Drive Green, popped into Rockaway this month with the Auto Trader Sustainability Initiative Award he’d just won! For those that don't know, Drive Green now has the biggest selection of electric cars in the UK and they’re passionate about sustainability and helping people make the switch to electric driving.

Mark first met Richard after getting in touch to learn about alternative energy solutions for the Rockaway house. Originally based in High Littleton, Richard had just moved to a new site to develop Drive Green and visited Rockaway to have a look at possibilities. When he saw the recently completed tattoo studio, it inspired him so much with what could be achieved using only reclaimed materials that Mark offered to build him a showroom rather than settling for a bog-standard porta cabin.

Built at Rockaway in two sections, construction began when Mark managed to source some aluminium sliding windows, which had been mis-measured for another job, and designed the building around them.

Richard said: “It was great coming to Rockaway every couple of weeks to check out progress. When I first saw the finished building, it surpassed my expectations and I just wanted to move in! So much heart and soul had been poured into it and this award is testament to the inspiration that Mark brings to a project. A huge part of our success is thanks to what Mark built for us. I had to come and show him the award he helped us win.”

If you'd like to know more about Drive Green, just click below!


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