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Rockaway Signs Up To The Business Without Blood Sports Pledge

Rockaway Park is pleased to announce that we’ve taken the Business Without Blood Sports pledge, along with over 120 other entities, which states:

“We share the belief of the overwhelming majority of the British public that animals should be defended from persecution in the name of ‘sport’, and therefore we pledge to ensure we will never allow, promote or otherwise enable blood sports such as hunting, shooting or animal fighting."

This new charity initiative by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) adds the support of ethically minded businesses to their cause to end cruel sports, like hunting, fighting and shooting. The League is recognised as the most influential charity operating in this sector within the UK, and Rockaway is delighted to sign up and give assurance that we neither support nor enable cruel sports, adding strength to the calls for a kinder society. The pledge was launched at an event in parliament on 20th April, which you can read about HERE. And HERE is the directory of other businesses who've also taken the pledge!


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