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Rockaway Park's Sample Library

Music creator and sound artist, Ken Peel, has created a library of Rockaway soundscapes that are now available to download.

In 2021, between lockdowns and confusion, Ken asked Mark if he could make some field recordings around the yard to create a sample library that others can re-use to make music. The sounds are mostly musical, trimmed and pitched ready for beats and tunes, plus the original field recordings are included.

It's free to download, but it would be great if you could consider making a donation, however small, to Care4Calais who support people of the Calais refugee camps. Their vital work provides fresh meals, warm clothing, heating and important legal and medical support.​ For all the info and to download, please click below:

Ken also has two gigs coming up where he'll be using 100% of the Rockaway samples! The first is at Bristol's We All Play Synth event, Tuesday 5th April, with the second at the Newport Electronic Music Open Mic Night, 20th April.

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