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Progress With the Chapel of Unrest's Multi-Louvered Windows

Between them, Mark and Tim have cracked the issue of how the Chapel's multi-louvered stained-glass windows will actually work, so they've been pressing ahead with the next stage of making adjustments and re-fitting the frames.

It's an exciting time at Rockaway seeing all the plans for this beautiful building manifesting each week! It's quite something as well that the Chapel will be created by so many of us purely through memberships and spreading the word...

And here we can see Mark sprucing up a piece he made with Joe Webb from an old children's playground animal and a chain that came from one of the disused cranes that were at Rockaway when he first arrived. Usually positioned in front of the Chapel, it had to be moved to sort out the frames, so time for a clean!

For more info about the Chapel of Unrest, including the full story of this project and how to support us by becoming a member of the 'Congregation of Agitation,' just click below:


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