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Our Wonderful Volunteers Have Been Working Hard in the Garden

Work in the garden never stops and our wonderful volunteers have been doing a sterling job throughout April and May.

Topsoil has been added to the newly cultivated beds in the bottom garden and covered with wool. A tonne of weeding has been going on, and barley straw bundles have been added to the pond to help reduce the algae. The height and density of the dead hedge has been increased to disguise the compost bins, which our night camera has captured the badgers enjoying! There’s also been more planting of produce for the Vegan Café, like peas and beans, as well as crocosmia around the pond.


It's looking glorious and we can’t wait for more sunshine to see the whole space at its best.


If you'd like to get involved and help our garden continue to grow, just get in touch via the link on the Community Forest Garden page. There's a delicious vegan lunch on offer as a thank you for your time. It's also a great opportunity to work with a lovely group of people in a beautiful green space, while reaping the physical and mental health benefits.

We also love seeing visitors enjoying the garden now that Winter has finally passed. So, feel free to pop by - we'd be very happy to see you!

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