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Mark & The Chapel of Unrest in Positive Futures Magazine & Podcast

Mark recently did an interview with Ed Gold, photographer, podcaster and creator of Positive Futures Magazine, which features stunning photography and interviews that focus on alternative ways of living all over the world.

The November 2022 edition includes Mark talking about Rockaway, plus a host of other interesting and creative people - some of whom are based in the South-West that you might also know. If you're interested, you can buy an online copy of the magazine via Ed's website below:

Ed also created a podcast of his interview with Mark, which features a chat about the Rockaway Church or Chapel of Unrest. It's available on Spotify for free if you'd like to have a listen:

For the full story of the Chapel of Unrest, as well as all the info on how to get involved by becoming a member, please visit our Donate/Sponsor page HERE!


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