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Magical Family Show 'The Oak, The Ash & The Standing Stones' Wows the Crowd at Rockaway

Despite the horrendous rain in the week leading up to the performance, which affected parking availability, we had a great turnout for a wonderful afternoon on 2nd April at Rockaway with the Tidal Tales Collective and their free family show ‘The Oak, The Ash & The Standing Stones.’

This magical folk-filled family show used loop station, theremin & beatbox for families to experience the legends and music attached to different UK sites with gentle humour, nature-tech storytelling and an emphasis on global, social and environmental health.

It was our first theatre on our new open-air stage and canopy, and it went down a treat! Here's just some of the feedback:

"Funny, creative and entertaining. Thoroughly enjoyed it and good for all ages!"

"That was totally incredible – I’m almost beyond words. I'm totally inspired by how creative this was. In the simplest way, it had such a fun and profound effect. You all work so well together. I enjoyed the sounds so much. Remarkable."

"Lovely performances and storytelling skills. Congratulations!"

"Great show! I loved the array of scenery, songs and puppetry."

"Wow wow wow that was brilliant! I laughed, I cried, I loved every minute of it."

"Great show. Lovely mix of music styles, sound effects and beat box. My child loved the light up fairy bit."

"I really really really really liked it! Hope I see one again soon." (7 years-old)

"Utterly fantastic. Reminded me of how much I like this nature tales idea and wish there was more of it about."

"Thank you so much for this charming production – gently offering wisdom and love for nature as well as kindness. Hurrah!"

Tidal Tales Collective will return to Rockaway in August with their new production 'The Hare, The Moon & The River,' so keep an eye out for the details!

Thanks to everyone who made this a special event, as well as thanks to Ed Felton for some of the photographs.


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