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Latest Live-Stream Recording Now Live!

Updated: May 30, 2022

Boom Boom Raccoon, Steve Lake, Fidget & The Twitchers

The story of this event is pretty mind-blowing - a real triumph over adversity moment for Rockaway Park. Originally, Days N Daze were headlining, with The Blunders and Steve Lake. The Blunders had to pull out a few days beforehand because of illness, so we were lucky to have Bristol ska/punk band, Fidget & The Twitchers, step in at short notice. Then, on the night of the gig, Days N Daze pulled out a few minutes before the doors opened because of COVID...

With some frantic juggling and the universe smiling on us, folk/punk band Boom Boom Raccoon stepped in to headline instead. Amazingly, they'd been supporting Days N Daze on their UK dates and were at Rockaway for a night off. Because of them, we were still able to offer folks a fantastic show, both at Rockaway and on the live-stream!

Tickets were £5 to watch the live-stream, in real time, with all profits being donated to the mental health charity MIND. With an additional donation on top of the ticket sales, we've raised £130 so far.

A recording of the live-stream is now available on our YouTube channel to watch for free!

We're still a long way from breaking even, and it would be great if our supporters can help us reach the point of one day actually being in profit. Once we've covered our costs, our aim is to split any profits 3 ways:

1. MIND - to support the vital work they do in helping others

2. The Performers - to support the continuation of DIY music wherever we can, especially in these difficult times for touring bands

3. Rockaway Park - to support our community-based projects, such as subsidised places on our workshops and developing our Community Forest Garden, accessible to all

But we need to cover costs first. So, if you enjoy this recording and can afford to give something, even if it's just a few quid, it would be brilliant, and help us continue providing amazing live music. There is a fundraising page to donate and we appreciate anything you can give - thank you.

Finally, a massive thank you to the joyous crowd, who were up for anything and made it extra special, especially because they could have all decided to leave. But the majority stayed, with only a few people cancelling when they heard the news, preventing a financial disaster for Rockaway. Love and thanks to each and every one of you!

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Hey! Can I save this recording to my computer? I’ll just use the recording of video streams, by the way, I found out about this on this site and now I save everything I like :) If there are no copyright issues, then please give me permission!


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