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How You Can Help Save Vital Community Hub the Zig Zag Building

Hot on the heels of the latest cause that Rockaway supports, here's another one (sign of the times...)

Established in 2013, the Zig Zag building in Glastonbury was turned from a derelict space for over 30 years into a vibrant community hub which has supported numerous local artists and community projects. Zig Zag offers low-cost or free space, as well as hosts exhibitions, events and feasts that have been enjoyed by people both locally and far afield.

The dedicated people who make it all work also provide workshop space for a wide variety of local artists, crafters and makers - fabrics/textiles, painting, woodworking, handicrafts, metalworking, dance/yoga/bodywork space, bicycle repair, plus a music studio.

As a community, they prioritise living independently and exploring the possibilities of a low-impact and sustainable lifestyle. The Zig Zag is a unique part of Glastonbury's culture, loved by many, but this fantastic community resource is in danger.

Mendip Council are threatening to evict the residents of the Zig Zag and if they win, it will not be able to continue growing as a creative hub, which would be tragic.

The Zig Zag have set-up a fundraiser and all proceeds will go towards legal fees to fight their case against Mendip Council, as well as any costs incurred in making the Zig Zag meet their standards. Their goal is £1,000 and they've already reached £371 (at time of writing) so every couple of quid really helps.

There's also a community event on Saturday 6th May if you're in the area and want to lend your support in person, with music, art, stalls, and much more!

For all the info, head to their Facebook page here, or go direct to their GoFundMe page below. Thanks for any support you can give them to hold onto this precious community space, it's much appreciated!


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