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Get Involved to Make Exist to Resist Happen

We often highlight causes Rockaway supports and Exist to Resist is the latest that we'd like to draw your attention to!

Immersed for over three decades in the evolution of the uniquely British DIY culture of free parties, raves, festivals, performance, protest and demonstrations, Matt Smith launched Exist to Resist in 2017. Born out of a love for the UK rave, sound system and festival culture, Exist to Resist is a photographic celebration of community gathering and grass roots democratic activism, with images made between 1989 and 1997. It's also a diary of celebration and opposition that documents the enclosure of a culture that provided the foundations for our incredible festival and event creative industries.

In 2017, 558 backers pledged £23,000 via Kickstarter to help bring the Exist to Resist landmark project to life. Matt made just over a thousand copies and with fantastic pubic support, the book sold out after just a few months with no conventional retail or distribution.

Matt is now creating a 2nd Edition in order to reach new audiences and tell the story to a new generation of people. Consisting of powerful images and a strong personal narrative, the book examines the context, consequences and importance of the nationwide resistance to the 1994 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act, which worked to both create and criminalise a very popular culture.

For an overview of the project and the book, here's the latest video from Matt:

For all the info about how you can get involved to help make it happen, plus the rewards on offer, please click below:

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