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Fantastic Jaz Coleman Supper Club Launch at Rockaway, Saturday 18th November!

We were honoured that Jaz Coleman chose to launch his Supper Club at Rockaway on Saturday 18th November. And what a fantastic night it was with a lovely crowd who travelled far and wide (including from France, Scotland, Yorkshire, Devon and Wales) to meet Jaz and enjoy Rockaway for the first time!

Composer, conductor, and vocalist best known for his work with post-punk rock band, Killing Joke, Jaz acted as host and raconteur for this unique and intimate event. Chatting to people he met in the Vegan Cafe, Rockaway Yard, Chapel of Unrest and around the roaring fire pit, Jaz shared his thoughts on mysticism, childhood memories, music and magic.

Following a delicious 2-course vegan feast, Steve Lake (author, poet, singer/songwriter and guitarist of Zounds and Blood Moon Wedding) hosted a fascinating Q&A with Jaz, where he chatted freely about a whole range of topics, and took questions from the audience of delighted fans.

Throughout the night, the awesome Ray Mighty - credited with pioneering the ‘Bristol sound’ that spawned bands like Massive Attack and Portishead (Smith & Mighty) - blew everyone away with his genius blend of delicious aural sensations.

The whole park looked gorgeous with beautiful light installations, and we think it's fair to say that Jaz fell in love with Rockaway. He stayed the night in one of our eco-house apartments and, the next morning, joined the Chapel of Unrest's Congregation of Agitation as member 1701!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a truly special event, as well as all the folks who made an effort to join us in a rural venue in Winter.

If you want to know more about the Chapel of Unrest and why people like Jaz are becoming members, you can find the whole story, including podcasts and membership options below.

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