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Community Forest Garden Project Wins Co-Operative Grant!

Rockaway has been awarded a £500 grant from Radstock Co-Operative Society for our Community Forest Garden project!

Huge thanks to Poppie for her hard work in obtaining the grant, seen in the picture above with the adorable Dinky Dog, her close garden companion. Funded by the Carrier Bag Charging Levy - which requires all shops to charge 5p for single-use plastic carrier bags & donate the proceeds to good causes - Radstock Co-operative Society has donated a total of £25,000 to community projects and groups.

Rockaway will use the grant to develop different aspects of the Community Forest Garden, such as order more wildflower seeds that will encourage bees and other pollinators to visit in the Spring. Yellow rattle is also needed to keep the grass at bay in the meadow, while red clover will help fix nitrogen levels in the vegetable, herb and flower beds.

Because the grant came from money collected from the carrier bag levy, Poppie is keen to also use some of it to help Rockaway reduce our own plastic consumption and waste in the garden. For instance, paper-pot-makers for seedlings, which are made from newspaper and other scrap paper; wooden seed trays and materials to build wooden and glass cloches, plus cold-frames, so that we aren't relying on polythene to keep our plants warm.

If you'd like to join Poppie and our volunteers in the garden to offer advice, help out with a bit of digging, weeding or planting, or just come along for a chat about possibilities, please see our Community Forest Garden page for all the info:


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