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Books From The Travelling Library Donated to Rockaway Park

Hot on the trail of the last blog post about our new info point, the anarchist reference books from The Travelling Library, have just been donated to Rockaway Park!

The Travelling Library was an anarchist library that spent ten years taking books, comics and games to festivals around the country. It was one of a number of projects set up by Now or Never, a group of mostly Norwich based anarchists, although, a large number of the reference books came from a Bristol anarchist.

The library came to an end in 2020, and the games have been donated to a kids group; the children's books have been given to a community centre to set up a children's library, while the fiction has been donated to charity.

Now Rockaway is the home for this fantastic selection of anarchist books in our new info point.

Big thanks to Erik Tyler for thinking of us! It's brilliant that they're readily available at Rockaway for visitors to browse through.

As you can see, the caravan where our info point is based is developing on a daily basis, and there's more to come...

We're always grateful for any donations we receive, so thanks to everyone who helps us keep growing and developing!


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