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Arrange Car Share For Travelling To Rockaway Park, 19th February, 2022

We have a Ska Punk Fish Party taking place here at Rockaway on Saturday 19th February 7pm - 11pm and the issue of limited parking, as well as travel has got us thinking... how can we actively encourage people to car share rather than just posting a message asking them to do it! It's not an issue that's going away and to initiate real change, we have to start somewhere.

We're also aware that some people aren't on Facebook, which can be a useful mechanism for connecting and engaging about possibilities to work something out together. For instance, someone travelling from Winchester with space in their car could offer a lift to others nearby, or en route, in the spirit of freely reaching out and sharing, including fuel costs - which is why we've posted this!

Our blog posts can be commented upon so we'd like to offer this post as a kind of message board for people to connect and work out travel arrangements to Rockaway. So if you have space in your vehicle, please feel free to post here where you're coming from and check if anyone in your area could do with a lift. You can also post any requests, such as "Hi there, I'm travelling from Plymouth, is there anyone else I can car share with?"

Manifesting real change is all about people coming together to discover solutions to problems and this would be a great start in terms of parking issues! Thanks for engaging with this idea and helping us make the world a better place by connecting with others and sharing - hearts all round!

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Jamie Reed
Jamie Reed
Feb 17, 2022

1 space available from Martock / Yeovil area. Leaving at 6pm Saturday 19th for Citizen Fish gig


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