Here at Rockaway Park, we’re committed to engaging with the local community and beyond.

With a wealth of talented craftspeople, artists, makers, musicians and performers - all keen to share their skills and experience in a supportive and inspirational environment - our series of workshops are open to everyone and kept as low in price as we can make them.

For a taster of our workshops, see the short video below.

If you'd like to get in touch to express an interest in past workshops being run again, or you'd like to collaborate with us on a workshop, or you'd like more details about our workshop experiences, please visit our Workshop Archive page by clicking below


We're currently planning more workshops for the Summer,
so keep an eye out for the updates!

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Workshop Sponsorship 

Just a reminder that if you can afford to sponsor a child, enabling them to attend the Rockaway Kids workshop series, or sponsor an adult so they can attend workshops like the Silver Bangle Making, Bruce's Guitar for Beginners, or A Woman's Weld, all donations are gratefully received.


You will also be helping spread the crucial message that actively supporting each other in these testing times is a way to initiate positive change.

Thank you!


For all the details, visit our Sponsorship & Legacies page.

Accommodation Options

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If you're travelling from afar for a workshop or visit, don't forget there are on-site accommodation options at Rockaway. To find out more and check availability, head to our Accommodation page!


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