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Rockaway House Atrium


  • 24 hours
  • £80
  • Eastcourt Road

Service Description

Some rather beautiful words from Airbnb. “The next ten years, and beyond Ten years after we started Airbnb, I have often thought, how could an idea like millions of strangers sleeping in each other’s homes ever work? The truth is that we, Airbnb the company, did not do most of this. Our hosts, and the broader Airbnb community, created most of this. And they have taught me two things: people are fundamentally good, and we are 99% the same. If people are good and mostly the same, then we should be able to offer more than people sleeping in one another’s homes. We imagine a world where every one of us can belong anywhere. A world where you can go to any community and someone says, “Welcome home.” Where home isn’t just a house, but anywhere you belong. Where every city is a village, every block a community, and every kitchen table a conversation. In this world, we can be anything we want. This is the magical world of Airbnb. We will probably never fully realise this vision, but we will die trying.“ Here at Rockaway, we have hosted nearly 300 sets of guests over the last year and probably close to 1000 since we started. We have had the best of conversations, meals and hugs with people from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. It has made our life here sustainable, and given us encouragement to expand in many, many ways. It is easy to find fault with the likes of Airbnb, but if we have any chance at all of saving our sorry arses, it will be by talking and sharing and working together with people we don’t necessarily start off agreeing with, but ultimately have so much in common with. We have also found, time and time again that what most people want, when really pressed about it, is usually a whole lot less than we are encouraged to believe we want. Good company and a sense of community being a very good start! Basically, come and stay with us. X

Contact Details

  • Rockaway Park, Eastcourt Road, Temple Cloud, Bristol, UK

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