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Subhumans Gig is Rockaway's 3rd Live-Stream!

Following earlier successes with live-streaming the Steve Ignorant Band in April and Boom Boom Racoon in May, we’re excited to be live-streaming this gig in real time, Thursday 22nd September, direct from Rockaway Park!

Live-streaming is a great way to reach out to more people across the world and connect through the power of music, and we love doing it. This means you can be anywhere and still be a part of this exciting event in your chosen space.

Expect ferocious energy, profound lyrics and some of the best punk music around from the Subhumans, who are excited to be performing at Rockaway for the first time. Supported by the awesome dub-punk-ska band, Autonomads, plus energetic 3-piece punk band The Human Error, this is going to be a fantastic night to kick off the Rockaway Arts Weekend.

Here's the trailer for the live-streamed gig featuring Mark, from Rockaway, and Dick Lucas, from the Subhumans, telling you all about it...

Our live-streams are multi camera and as close to being at a real gig as you can get! So, if you can't join us in person and still want to experience this incredible line-up, tickets cost £5 from Eventbrite:

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Oct 01, 2023
Hello! Please tell me what you used to record the streams? I just can't always follow the live stream and it would be useful for me to record future streams. I came across several ways on the Internet to record streams, here you can find out for yourself. I would like to hear your advice.

Bristol Blue
Bristol Blue
Sep 16, 2022

sadly the darn covid virus and pet allergy problems have kept me away from enjoying these gigs but as always i cant thank you enough mr mark mob for letting us, the poor creatures unable to get there, to at least enjoy these great gigs from home. my fave steve igs (crass set) was just brilliant thanks for that, and now another fave to ''really'' look forward to. good ol subhumans, been seeing these bands all over the place for over 40 years now, and still want to be there live, but sadly have to tred just a little bit more carefully these days, ill get to certain gigs/ certain venues for sure, but for the lovely ''rockaway park'' …


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