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New Documentary 'Home' by Laura Sánchez Diaz Launches on Rockaway's YouTube Channel!

Created and generously shared with us by Laura Sánchez Diaz, this short political documentary features members of the Rockaway Park community, including our Mark.

'Home' focuses on the criminalisation of a way of life, which takes us on a journey to discover a community’s solution to the housing crisis in the UK. It highlights how rough sleepers and the homeless are choosing to have a caravan or tent over their heads, instead of sleeping on the ground, creating communities of care and support in order to survive. It also shows people who've chosen not to own property, or get sucked into the rental market. The lives recorded here are the art which illustrates that there is another way to live in this world, one which can be sunset-soaked and joy-filled.

Significantly, the government’s resistance and reaction to these communities, exerting violent evictions, and creating laws, such as the anti-trespass law, makes their fight for survival that much harder. For those that live permanently in a motorhome, the new legislation would mean the loss of their home. Ironically, while the nation was being told to stay at home, hundreds of families were, and still are, under threat of losing theirs.

Despite the recent success with the House of Lords voting against some aspects of the PCSC Bill, remember that many harmful parts of the Bill remain, such as Part 4 that criminalises the way of life of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. Let’s keep up the pressure and stay active in preventing this government from removing our freedoms!

See more information on ways to get involved via the links below:

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