Stuff for Sale !

We almost overlooked this, but of course , and as always , we have a lot of things for sale here… In fact most of what you can see could be for sale, or rent if the price is right !! In addition to Vans and spare parts for vans, I will try and upload pictures and descriptions of other interesting things we come across. Also we are always interested to buy anything …   and i mean anything… we may say no, but please dont hesitate to try us !!

Huge double skinned and insulated stainless steel tank… believed to have been used for yogurt but could be utilised for brewing, etc etc

2015-01-21 11.18.46

Ex Tesco Storage containers, multitudes of potential uses, Have been : Tack rooms, Storage, Grow Rooms, Motorbike, Lawnmower,Quad garages.. They are not quite tall enough to stand up comfortably but are strong , dry and secure.

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    1. Hi there …Sorry for the long delay but we do have some Tesco containers now..If you want to call im on 07976270598 Thanks Mark

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