Back at the turn of 2000 we were running a large van breaking business out of 3 rented locations in and around Bristol. Around this time i stumbled upon an ageing scrapyard just south of Bristol and Bath that was for sale and in need of some love and attention. This website is devoted to what we are doing here, where we have come from and (hopefully) where we are going next… Climb aboard and have a look around.

About 6 months in and things couldn’t get much worse !

can it get any worse

This is now the road to the upper yard


Children and Dogs now welcome !


Barry Rogers who was the old owner and Duncan.. The first day we visited


I spent a long time sieving stone and soil in order to level the upper yard. All this land was previously quarried and tipped in so there has been no disruption to “virgin” land. This particular spot was where the previous owner had done all his “car crushing” with a huge weight and an ancient old dragline.. This job lasted two years and I loved it !! By the time id finished with this machine it had no tracks left on it , the main boom was snapped in half, and it dragged itself round by lifting one side at a time !!






We erected a huge concrete sleeper wall between the upper and lower yard in 2004 ( Eagle eyed viewers will spot where the boom snapped)


Constructing the retaining wall that has now got Rowdy’s Crocodile on it….


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