Art and Environment

Rockaway is a disused quarry that has been a scrapyard for at least 30 years, It is set in magnificent rugged landscape, torn and scarred by previous industrial activity. We let a large amount of space for the storage of “props” and artwork and also avidly collect large derelict sculptures and graffiti / street art… We hope one day to become something of an outdoor gallery…. but then again we probably already are !!

Occasionally we help out with film or video shoots and are always interested in housing “works of art” or sourcing and buying parts for the construction thereof.

Over the years it has given us great pleasure to have been involved in many interesting and diverse projects.If you have any ideas you need advice on, we are able to help with sourcing materials, props, man and womanpower, transport etc..   Whatever you want or need to know. Feel free to try us. We know a lot of people in a lot of different places !!

And in order to provide these services, we are also interested in buying, begging and borrowing all manner of stuff !! If you have looked around this site to any degree you will be able to see that nothing is too odd for us to be interested in it ….

And some photos from  Airbnb visitors , Ed ,and Camila, and whole load of great photos from Michael Baxter



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