Time goes by

Just a few pictures to try and catch up a bit.. We’ve been building , painting , selling and delivering many , many ex Tesco truck boxes. These are being used as sheds , and tack rooms , and bike, and quad , and equipment storage. We have done loads of them and are still flat out. And a shot of Mark loading a truck for some Romanian customers.IMG_2453 (1)

In addition we have been building a beautiful timber studio , the pictures do not do it justice as it still indoors and its hard to get round it.. but in real life it looks amazing.IMG_2418

We have also made a start to a rainwater harvesting system for the house.. Sounds posh , but effectively just a gutter going to a tank ! You wouldn’t believe how hard that could be … Ultimately though , i am hoping to pump the water ( by solar/wind) back up the hill behind and then back down to flush the toilets and (hopefully automatically) water the plants in the atrium.IMG_2529 (2)

And Tom and Jack from v3 power have been back this week to erect the wind turbine we worked on during their turbine building course that we ran here last year. We are just starting to plan this years course, so if you have any interest please get in touch and let us know. We can do accommodation or you can stay in your own vehicle / tent etc on site…

And the same applies to a Permaculture / Forest Garden course that we are planning for June 3-6 ( Sat till Tuesday) with Graham Burnett from Spiral Seed.


More details will be announced soon for both events..

And some shots of the Showmans wagon , and the clearing in the woods that we are preparing for it.IMG_2149

Anyway , have a look at these few photos and get in touch if any of this interest you..

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