The story behind the mirrored Capri “Dog On”

Photo 21-12-2014 15 22 12The mirror covered Ford Capri that sits on the track in the main entrance to Rockaway Park, and also features as the header image of our website, has quite an interesting story. We decided it deserved a post to explain the origins and history of this unique piece of artwork!

The original artwork was created by the artist Pauline Foster, and the car for the project was purchased from a scrapyard in Stroud. At the time it was viewed as a form of artistic protest as it became an un-official exhibit at the Tate modern. Considering how difficult it is to get into the world of modern art, Pauline decided to deliver it there herself.

It was dragged into place on the opening day by four women, scattering rose petals as they went, and was left on the Tate Moderns doorstep. Causing quite a stir, no-one knew if it was an official exhibit, and the artist received a lot of praise. Unfortunately the car was later towed away and impounded by the police. The Guardian newspaper interviewed the artist, which can be read here.

386651856 The artwork was eventually released from the police compound,which was very lucky as the artist had no money to pay the fees. They looked favorably on the work which was the only reason it wasn’t scrapped!

After being moved by lorry to the pub Pauline owned, it become a feature in the pubs garden. To the left is a photo of the poet John Cooper Clarke sat on the bonnet after playing a gig at The George Tavern.

Before Glastonbury 2011, our friend Beaker had brought the car to the festival site from London to be used in the Unfairground,where our rocket was also in use. After Glastonbury Joe Rush asked us if we would like to bring it back and keep it at our yard, and it’s sat here degrading for the 3 years since then.

capriRecently, a very close friend of ours was driving up our track , recognized the car and quizzed us to how we had come by it. It just so happened that Phil from B and K dismantlers in Slad, Stroud (who we have dealt with for over 25years) had sold Pauline Foster the car all those years earlier. After quite a journey with many twists and turns for a car with no engine it had ended up not  far from where it had originated and has been here ever since.


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