Pick-Up Pollinator at The Chelsea Fringe supplied by Cloud Hill Commercials

Not long ago we supplied a Mitsubushi pick-up to Cleeve Nursery to be turned into a giant planter at their nursery in Somerset. It stayed there for a while before being transported to the Chelsea Fringe Flower show and now we have some photos and videos from it’s journey.


Pickup Pollinators is an up-cycled Mitsubishi pickup truck planted up with edible plants that rely on bees and other pollinating insects.It will also be plantedwith flowering plants that encourage pollinating insects into gardens, towns and cities. We plan to demonstrate just how important pollinating insects are to our food security and what can easily be done to encourage these vital insects to thrive in our homes and public spaces. This installation will appear at several major events in Bristol and elsewherebut will be primarily shown at Cleeve Nursery, Cleeve, Bristol. BS49 4PW. Expect plants to be spilling out of every automotive orifice!

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