“From Russia With Love” Trip to The Frozen North to pick up two rocket like aviation fuel tanks!

A few weeks ago we were giving instructions to locate two large missile type rockets for an art project! Our hunt for these unusual items led us to an aeronautical scrap yard all the way up in The Frozen North. We then then had to collect them and deliver them all the way to Chepstow in Wales!


Our mission started at 6am the truck was loaded with fuel to make it there and enough straps to hold the cargo down and as much soft materials as we could find to pad out the load! An old mattress, rolls of lino and old clothing was used to avoid any damage to the cargo!


A photo below of the unusual load just before we left to start the slow decent back towards Wales!


As you can imagine we attracted quite a lot of attention on route and a lot of laughs and smiles along the way from passers by and on our stop in a town center in order to find a spot of lunch caused quite a spectacle! The last photo from our journey was taken at a service station where a builder insisted he climbed the rocket in nothing but his boxers and a straw hat, while onlookers couldn’t believe there eyes. His work mates took photos to do the rounds on facebook! We we’re in stitches of laughter at the incident!


“From Russia With Love”

We eventually made it to Chepstow at midnight. It was like a scene from a James Bond movie as we approached the farm and entered in the code for the electric gates!  We were greeted by some workers from the Eastern Bloc who helped us unload the missiles into shipping containers in the dark of the night which totally set the scene. The rocket jokes were wearing thin by this time but the words “Rocket Mission Complete” by one of them brought a smile to our faces before we started to head home. Covered in the remnants of rocket fuel left in the tanks and utterly exhausted we we’re glad to be heading back to Bristol where we arrived at 2am for a well earned rest!


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