Time goes by

Just a few pictures to try and catch up a bit.. We’ve been building , painting , selling and delivering many , many ex Tesco truck boxes. These are being used as sheds , and tack rooms , and bike, and quad , and equipment storage. We have done loads of them and are still flat out. And a shot of Mark loading a truck for some Romanian customers.IMG_2453 (1)

In addition we have been building a beautiful timber studio , the pictures do not do it justice as it still indoors and its hard to get round it.. but in real life it looks amazing.IMG_2418

We have also made a start to a rainwater harvesting system for the house.. Sounds posh , but effectively just a gutter going to a tank ! You wouldn’t believe how hard that could be … Ultimately though , i am hoping to pump the water ( by solar/wind) back up the hill behind and then back down to flush the toilets and (hopefully automatically) water the plants in the atrium.IMG_2529 (2)

And Tom and Jack from v3 power have been back this week to erect the wind turbine we worked on during their turbine building course that we ran here last year. We are just starting to plan this years course, so if you have any interest please get in touch and let us know. We can do accommodation or you can stay in your own vehicle / tent etc on site…

And the same applies to a Permaculture / Forest Garden course that we are planning for June 3-6 ( Sat till Tuesday) with Graham Burnett from Spiral Seed.


More details will be announced soon for both events..

And some shots of the Showmans wagon , and the clearing in the woods that we are preparing for it.IMG_2149

Anyway , have a look at these few photos and get in touch if any of this interest you..

News for April 2016

Lots of new things to report and check out… Firstly we are hosting a Wind Turbine building course


withv3power.co.uk on the 23rd and 24th April.. Limited spaces are still available and we also have the possibility of staying over through our rooms at



and https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/3956921

Also we are very keen to attract a few more people for our regular Yoga and Pilates classes… Yoga is at 7 p.m. every Tuesday , and Pilates at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays


Our rehearsal studios are now open for business and are being run by Magnus.. Further information is here


or check out the facebook page

We have recently let 2 units to Matt Keynon who is cutting and building with oak and other local timbers, We are able to supply timber in all shapes and sizes and cut to your specifications. There are also plenty of people on site here, who can build whatever you may want with the timber.

Mark Greenaway is designing and building anything you want in metal at his workshops here and welcomes orders of any shape and size

And last but not least (and in fact first!)     We are hosting a Benefit meal of foraged goodies at Rockaway on Sunday 17th April. 6.30pm £20 a head-3 course vegan meal and drink.
The venue is perfect for a night to eat some delicious food and so we can raise some funds for Anarchist Black Cross/ No Borders.
Limited space available so book now-auriewroe@hotmail.com.    directions,menu etc sent after confirmation


Timber , Sawmills and Construction

Here are some fairly recent photos from Rockaway.

We are pleased to welcome Matt Keynon, who is importing and selling mobile sawmills and is currently renting one of our new units here (as yet unfinished). Here’s some shots of the sawmill, some timber we’ve cut, some older seasoned oak boards, and some of the things we have been making with it. The sliding doors on the building were made here from timber we milled and metalwork  that we made on site. It is hoped to eventually have a 12 kw Solar array fitted to the roof in an effort to get off grid.

Pick-Up Pollinator at The Chelsea Fringe supplied by Cloud Hill Commercials

Not long ago we supplied a Mitsubushi pick-up to Cleeve Nursery to be turned into a giant planter at their nursery in Somerset. It stayed there for a while before being transported to the Chelsea Fringe Flower show and now we have some photos and videos from it’s journey.


Pickup Pollinators is an up-cycled Mitsubishi pickup truck planted up with edible plants that rely on bees and other pollinating insects. It will also be planted with flowering plants that encourage pollinating insects into gardens, towns and cities. We plan to demonstrate just how important pollinating insects are to our food security and what can easily be done to encourage these vital insects to thrive in our homes and public spaces. This installation will appear at several major events in Bristol and elsewhere but will be primarily shown at Cleeve Nursery, Cleeve, Bristol. BS49 4PW. Expect plants to be spilling out of every automotive orifice!

More links on the story below.

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Pick-Up Pollinators – Chelsea Fringe

Hinches Aerial Rig being built at the yard!

Here’s some pictures of the thing Hinch has been working on all the time in the top yard.
It’s called Divine Wind Circus mobile aerial rig, suitable for all static aerial disciplines (incl trapeze), just under eight meters high and fully load tested.


DSC04102At this point it’s still a work in progress, I’m about to extend the flatbed into a stage and also figuring out the best angles of use, attaching lights & sound etc.


So what I’m looking for is some collaborations where I have a bit of time and space to experiment. It’s not a refined product yet, hence I don’t have a website yet but if anyone is interested or has any ideas please contact Hinch at madsolutions@gmx.net


Space for Rent

At the moment we have very little space available. There is a chance that some may become free or we may be able to construct the space you require. We are still interested in hearing your ideas and plans and may be able to help with short term lets…. i.e. set builds etc


“From Russia With Love” Trip to The Frozen North to pick up two rocket like aviation fuel tanks!

A few weeks ago we were giving instructions to locate two large missile type rockets for an art project! Our hunt for these unusual items led us to an aeronautical scrap yard all the way up in The Frozen North. We then then had to collect them and deliver them all the way to Chepstow in Wales!


Our mission started at 6am the truck was loaded with fuel to make it there and enough straps to hold the cargo down and as much soft materials as we could find to pad out the load! An old mattress, rolls of lino and old clothing was used to avoid any damage to the cargo!


A photo below of the unusual load just before we left to start the slow decent back towards Wales!


As you can imagine we attracted quite a lot of attention on route and a lot of laughs and smiles along the way from passers by and on our stop in a town center in order to find a spot of lunch caused quite a spectacle! The last photo from our journey was taken at a service station where a builder insisted he climbed the rocket in nothing but his boxers and a straw hat, while onlookers couldn’t believe there eyes. His work mates took photos to do the rounds on facebook! We we’re in stitches of laughter at the incident!


“From Russia With Love”

We eventually made it to Chepstow at midnight. It was like a scene from a James Bond movie as we approached the farm and entered in the code for the electric gates!  We were greeted by some workers from the Eastern Bloc who helped us unload the missiles into shipping containers in the dark of the night which totally set the scene. The rocket jokes were wearing thin by this time but the words “Rocket Mission Complete” by one of them brought a smile to our faces before we started to head home. Covered in the remnants of rocket fuel left in the tanks and utterly exhausted we we’re glad to be heading back to Bristol where we arrived at 2am for a well earned rest!