Yoga with Johnny de Mearns

Next session Tuesday 7p.m.


Johnny de Mearns


MTI Registered Therapist

YAUK Registered Teacher

Johnny is an empathic, intuitive artist, healer and a qualified Yoga teacher. A massage practitioner since 1998, a practitioner of Conscious Embodiment and The Artist’s Way facilitator, he has apprenticed with Clive Sheridan for the last 16 years.

Johnny began studying yoga with Bob Philips in 1996 and has since studied, practiced and retreated with a broad spectrum of teachers from Jilly Rosser, Caroline Lang, Glen Cerosoli, Diane Long, Sophy Hoare, John Stirk, John Claxton and recently Stewart Gilchrist.

“Yoga quite literally changed my life! And its practice continues to do so. It has helped me to overcome obstacles on so many levels, not just physically and mentally. My desire is to invite people to explore how developing a more acute awareness of their physical experience of being they are afforded the opportunity to see their life experience for what it is and perhaps for what it can become”

Alongside Yoga Johnny is offering:

Intuitive Holistic Massage Sessions

Johnny is a subtle, intuitive deep tissue therapist. Expect to connect right back in to yourself through this profound holistic invitation.

Informed by Shiatsu, TCM and 19 years of Yoga practice, Johnny unerringly finds any resistance and asks it in the nicest possible way to kindly move on, leaving this behind, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, lighter and more alive!

Sessions last an hour and a half and cost £65 [£45 concs]

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